Wood Crafting with a Bit of Whimsey on the Side


True to their love for Eclecticism in home, hearth, and humor, Dee and John have taken their love of old world style, Victorian antiques and melded them seamlessly with modern design to offer one-of-a-kind furnishing and artwork for your home or office.

Wood Craft

We are a professional woodworking shop that offers furnishings for your home or office.

We also take custom orders!
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Whimsy and Artwork

Antiques & Artworks from local and distant artists.

Pictured here are framed Victorian Fireplace tiles taken from an old cast iron fireplaces in Ireland.


  • On the Road Again
    Getting ready to go to the Ireland Home and shop.  John can’t wait to get home.  Truthfully this summer of record beaking heat has been hard to take for both John and me.  My veggies did horribly and I never got to get into my gardens like I [continue reading]
  • Update On WoodnWhimsey’s 2018
    Well, John and I are getting ready to go back to Ireland, and while we did accomplish a lot this summer, I still have projects I never completed or even started, but that’s another post.  We did have a boom selling year, mainly due to [continue reading]
    I admit to being a collector, a picker, a lover of antiques and collectibles.  I also collect multiple “things”.  John’s new venture of handcrafting fine wood boxes reminded me of my collection.  I started collecting boxes as a [continue reading]
  • Glyphosate and Roundup – Err on the Side of Caution
    There is a war ranging over Roundup. Actually, the war concerns an active ingredient in Roundup and others called glyphosate.  Last year the EU reported “The European Parliament Tuesday called for the controversial weedkiller glyphosate to be [continue reading]
  • Grass-Fed Beef a Cooking Quandary
    My friend Jean and I go out shopping and lunching once a week, and this last week we went to a restaurant in Ohio called  The Rail We always get the same thing- low carb option called the naked burger.  It consists of a grilled burger with two [continue reading]