Wood Crafting with a Bit of Whimsey on the Side

Darleen and John have taken their love of the old world Victorian and Art-Deco furnishings and melded it seamlessly with modern design to offer one-of-a-kind furnishing and artwork for your home or office.

Wood Craft

We are a professional woodworking shop that offers furnishings for your home or office.

We also take custom orders!
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Whimsy and Artwork

Antiques & Artworks from local and distant artists.

Pictured here are framed Victorian Fireplace tiles taken from an old cast iron fireplaces in Ireland.


    A few months ago I shared our favorite antique/junk picking site in Ireland.  I never did get that sign I wanted…maybe if it’s still there when we get back :)).  See here. Ohio picking around me isn’t easy.  I really have to work [continue reading]
  • The Redo on the Jewelry Armoire
    I have been in the process of upgrading our condo in Ohio. Over the past three years, I’ve repainted to the neutral grays and grudges, added furniture, redid the kitchen to white cabinets and added new granite, new carpet, and added or [continue reading]
  • Garlic Shrimp Recipe
    Earth Fare health food market opened near me. As you know, I have been trying to eat more healthy.  If you have been with me a while, you will remember I tried a new agey nutrition therapy that did not work for me, but I did learn something about my [continue reading]
    Paper I am from east-coast and remember woods full of the black and white birch tree stand I love. When we moved to our current house I bought a birch tree- they come in set or stands of three or more stems. Well, this is a different birch out here [continue reading]
  • SALE ON TABLES- SEE ETSY STORE- Wind ‘N’ Whimsey online store
    This not quite 5 ft table- it’s 58 inches long and is handmade with special detailing.  Oak stained walnut on top and painted creamy white lower apron and legs.  We also offer the chair set with gray linen upholstery. This beauty is just right [continue reading]