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“Snow, high winds and temperatures of -8C are set to freeze Ireland solid over the next 24 hours.

The forecast is so bad that Met Eireann has issued a Status Orange alert.

The warning reads: “Snow-ice Warning for Connacht, Cavan, Monaghan, Donegal, Dublin, Kildare, Laois, Longford, Louth, Wicklow, Offaly, Westmeath and Meath.

“Significant falls of snow are expected Saturday night and into Sunday.

“Accumulations of 4 to 8 cm could occur quite widely with greater totals possible. Drifting snow locally at times too with brisk winds.”- Irish Mirror.

It is raining here in Wexford- Oilgate and the temp is close to 40F so I’m not sure we are suffering too much here. But having snow here in Ireland can be a scary and even dangerous event. The jet stream keeps this northern country quite temperate. Rain is a frequent weather condition. Now, 8cm of snow is the equivalent of 3 inches! That same snow fall event in Virginia would also be trouble as the driving skills, county equipment and expertise are not prepared. and so, neither is Ireland. Snow removal is not a real option here. Any snow that stays on roads an walkways turns to ice after a day or so and that makes conditions much worse.

Cold will also be a real hazard here. Many older homes and even newer homes are made from block and stone. Timber framed homes are few here. Stone gets and stays cooler than timber. Many heating systems here consist of hot water heat radiators powered by kerosene boilers. The boilers are outside the house. A green plastic oil tank usually attached…see below

While there is a thermostat in the house, it usually has controls that sets times when the heater goes on and off…the temperature is set outside on the boiler itself. We have that system in our house in Wexford, so my NEST thermostat I got from Amazon in Ohio might not work here.

I have noticed that The Irish government is offering grants and contractors are recommending newer heat sources for Irish homes. Heat pumps, central heating gas and electric boilers, solar heating and windmill electric are all new sources of heating here now.

That all said, I hope the -8C temperatures (17F) stay in the northern and midland areas tonite.

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