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Wood Design is What We Do with A Bit of Whimsy on the Side

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John and I have taken our love of the old world- Victorian and Art Deco and melded our work with the new look of today to redesign art objects and furniture for home & office.

John is a carpenter/ cabinet maker from Ireland with over 30 years experience making fine furniture in Ireland and USA. His strong sense of quality, craftsmanship, and artistry is evident in his work.

At one time he operated a Cast Iron Fireplace reclamation store in Ireland. He saved many Victorian authentic fireplace tiles and bits and pieces of old cast iron. As we travel back and forth from the USA to Ireland we manage to return to Ohio and Pennsylvania with tiles and metal from these old fireplaces for use in redesigned artwork. He makes handmade frames to display these unusual items for the late 1880s -early 1900s

His work is all hand made and he uses hardwoods sourced from an Amish lumbermill or reclaimed woods..if reclaimed it is listed, otherwise new hardwood. He will not make a piece of furniture out of any severely distressed or damaged wood.  While it might look good for a while- it is not likely a long lasting piece of furniture.John utilizes professional woodworking techniques such as mortises and tenon joints and uses wood glue for a long lasting and strong piece of furniture..he custom makes his own finishes.  NO NAILS. He may use screws for added stability when needed.

The process of making a table is time-consuming and involves multiple steps. I have actually documented a table and chair set on our old website and will repost that again soon.

Antique Restoration is a service John offers...contact for an estimate.
Dee runs the office and does genealogy research..specializing in Irish & Irish American Genealogy and plays in mixed media art.  Antique and craft shops are a favorite pleasure. Dee has recently redesigned her blog and now posts on all things for the home and garden. Please check out blogs by Dee!
We will do custom work following a free consultation.