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I arose to SNOW this morning in Wexford- an extremely unusual event.  They have been talking about the “Beast from the East” all week- storm from Siberia coming west across Europe and then this weekend ii’s Storm Emma’s turn from the Bay of Biscay. But it is soo cold here about 27 Degrees F, the rain from Emma will likely turn to snow.  So far 2-3 inches has pretty much shut down the east of the country; in the midland- Meath and Dublin area.  Down here 1-2 inches of snow is considered hazardous.  They will grit the highways but the remainder of the country roads are very slippery, and as they remain untouched, sun melt and refreeze will make this place an ice rink soon. But Emma expected to bring 15 to 20 inches- unprecedented..don’t know what will happen.  Hope we keep power- the only source of heat!

But something else happened this morning.  I normally check Redesign Antiques’ emails in the morning.  I found one from a viewer of Etsy, she left me a comment about the little White sewing machine coffee table. it reads:

“Do you realize you took the most expensive sought after machine base and made it less valuable? There are thousands of us trying to collect, retore, and use old machines. A left over machine head is worthless without a base.”

To be honest, I don’t know how to reply.  We have found a bunch of old sewing machines for sale in OHio over the past 5 years.  NO ONE wanted them and they were on their way to the dump or to be burned as kindling.  The old wood cabinets and old machines are usually sold off as is or, if in really bad shape,destroyed.  We do save the drawers to make curio cabinets.

Curious about what she said, I did look online for antique White sewing machines and did find some intact machines on Ebay. I did find some for sale.  Here is what our machine looked like when we bought it.  I found this for sale  on Ebay.


I also searched for collectors and restorers and found that in fact there are those who do restorations.  Now I feel a bit guilty about disembling the machine.  In fact the picture shown looks like our machine!

I found there is a foundation for collectors and multiple sites with instructions of how to restore the old veneered cabinets. A very detailed and time taking procedure.

Now, I had no idea the value placed on that old machine.  I found it listed for $129.00 up to $400.00 for the machine.  All I know that in the time and place we found it , we paid $85.00 for it.  We took it apart and could find no one who wanted the machine nor the cabinet.  We had to junk everything but the base and the drawers.  But we did save those two items for a repurposed use…better than it all going into the junk bin.

We make cabinet from the drawers by cleaning and mounting them on a stand. To be used as a decorative item. The drawers we use to make curio boxes and these have been highly sought after in our shop.











The sewing machine details are gorgeous  as in the wood in the cabinet and the drawer pulls are beautiful.  Someone will enjoy having these in their home.


So here is our little repurposed table.  I think it looks very pretty.  We sold a similar ..small table two years ago and that woman loved hers.














So now what to do?  I don’t think I’ll respond…just chalk it up to frustration on her part as a collector.  I will post newly found machines on a collectors page first though before we take it apart to make another table.

What would you do here?


Great talking to you..please leave a comment and let me know what you think

Talk soon




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