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A few months ago I shared our favorite antique/junk picking site in Ireland.  I never did get that sign I wanted…maybe if it’s

still there when we get back :)).  See here.

Ohio picking around me isn’t easy.  I really have to work at it to find stuff at good prices here.  Most of the shops we go to have already picked over the “treasures”  but there are still beauties to find.

Mother Earth New defines an antique picker as “Antique Picking is the art of buying antiques from auctions and sales and people and selling them at a profit to antique shops. People who do this are known as Antique Pickers.”  I found Mother Earths News to be a bit of a hoot but with some really good information.


I also looked into the American Pickers website- you know that TV program with rick and MIke. Apparently, they have their own website .

We go to antique fairs, antique shops, local craft places and the best place has been estate sales and yard sales.


Anyway, we found another antique sewing machine…and old singer BUT this time we only took the top.  I still have tables made from the metal bases that have proven well liked but too costly to ship to a customer….so we are phasing them out of our inventory.

John has made the two sets of drawers into a couple of wood storage boxes.  I have a similar box he made me that I use for k-cups next to the coffee machine but I am sure people will find other uses for these vintage beauties.



Notice the detail on the outside frame- the inside framework is plain



The plain wood knobs are original to the drawers- great shape for their age

you could use for your coffee k-cups or teas bags too!


If you are interested in purchasing one  of these boxes please go to our Etsy shops

Share this lovely piece with your friends and family.