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Antiquing in Ireland. The ” Old Yard ” in Kildare

Hi everyone, today I am going to take you on our trip to an antique shop and cafe about an hour drive north of us in Oylegate.  It is in a town called Castledermott in south-east Ireland near the Cavan and Kildare borders.

The establishment is called “The Old Yard.”  It is a family run business nestled in rural Ireland; the brainchild of a husband-wife team who formerly dealt in high-end antiques.  As that market declined, they were able to reinvent their business into an appealing venue for today’s home.

Once a derelict 18th Century farmyard, you will now find within the granite walls a collection of carefully curated objects, antiques, gifts & wares for your home.  HERE

the front yard – gravel yard with planters


Entry wall through the granite wall


Center garden bed



Inside the granite building are four room and an entryway filled with antiques, collectibles, and giftwares.  Everywhere you look you find a special treasure

back room

You can see the beautifully restored granite and stone wall. A pretty blue floral wallpaper is on the one wall.  I am unsure if you can see it clearly, but in the back corner,  they have placed a bunch of bluebirds into a glass bell jar, making an engaging display.

Bluebirds Under Glass


From the upper loft, you can see down and through the unique building.  The interior is  beautifully restored and new features added.  Check out the wood boards on the ceilings.  We would call it shiplap over here.  They may call it tongue and groove


The loft ceiling

The tall white metal item by the left corner of the window is a Victorian stove.  You would have coal in the bottom, and the metal plate has ornate patterns with grooves to allow heat to escape.  When the Victorians made even the most functional apparatus, they made it decorative!

The next picture gives you a view down from the loft, again the wood panel ceilings, the stone walls, and the white painted stones lower walls all enhance this fantastic space.  In the far back room were tables and shelves with jams and spreads, beautiful porcelain plates and tea sets, local merino wool throw, stationary and additional antiques.  A local floral and wedding artisan had made three gorgeous floral wreaths with dried flowers and gra\sses…..stunning and very reasonable.


See the little alcove in the wall? More displays in a vintage hutch.


Stone pillar in the side of the room

I love the large glass jars.  I will use this idea  on my sideboard when I get back to Ohio

books in a glass jar

An antique dealer named Joy Thorpe handles the antiques in the building. I went just to explore and never intended to buy anything significant, but I found an antique brass mirror that I just had to have.  I have been looking for an old mirror for an unusual space on the stair landing, and this fit perfectly. I’ll show you at the end of the post

Old chest

When we returned to the outside,  we explored the side yard, another stone building, and other garden beds.  There we found the cafe.  The cafe only holds about 10tabless and was doing a grand business.  Una, the owner, was trying to serve brunch and clear tables on her own but we were quickly seated, and orders taken as quick as you like.


The above picture is pretty dark but the cafe is a bright and airy building with the same stone walls and wood board ceiling.  The floor looked great in a red brick set in a herringbone style.

A brunch menu is served daily, and there are always cakes, and scone served with jam and lemon curd.

Brunch Menu

We chose to have coffee and sweets instead of brunch. Ali got a gluten-free orange cake and an Americano coffee.  John and I got plain scones and lattes.  Clotted cream accompanied the orange cake. The scones also had little cups fresh raspberry jam and lemon curd; which the shop had on its shelves.   I never had lemon curd before and it was soooo delicious I immediately went back to the shop to buy a jar. Yummy!

With my brass mirror wrapped for transport and my jar of lemon curd, we left the shop, took one final tour of the gardens and then headed for home.

Wall and Whistera..common combination in Ireland
Cafe Garden- everyone needs a cherub


Another stone building in the courtyard


Finally my antique brass mirror at home on our stair landing…ending my day of antiquing in Ireland.

The mirror isn’t hundreds of years old but it is old, and it’s real brass.  I’m impressed with the scrollwork.  I’d love to take one of these to the States.  Have to look into shipping things back.

Thanks for going antiquing in Ireland with me. Will talk again soon with more antiques, garden,  sites, and experiences in Ireland.  What do you think about this place?  Your cup of tea?


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