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Appliance Shopping in Hartville

Arrived in Ohio late Monday evening after being in airplanes and airports for over 20 hours and hit the pillow after imbibing in a large glass of white wine.  Awoke just stiff all over.  Guess my body doesn’t like sitting for that long.  WhenI got back I had to go through 4 months of mail.  What a chore and to make matters worse I did not realize nor make arrangements for a few vehicle problems.  So I got back to the fact that I forgot to get the company minivan e-checked and I also forgot to get my driving license renewed and apparently when I bought my registrations tag updates over in Ireland, the transaction did not go through.  What a mess

So I spent Tuesday morning at the DMV shop, got temporary plates for the minivan and now have 30 days to get it e-checked for emissions- I do hope it passes! Got my new driving license.  Can those pictures get any more flattering.?..and I thought passport pictures looked bad…oh well.  I repurchased my tags for my car.  Now I hope I get the sticker in the mail and don’t get stopped by the police before they arrive….with my luck lately you never know.

Went to a local shop for some groceries. I am trying to buy organic mainly and that seems to pose a problem.  Will have to scout out a better solution. But at least there is some food in the house now.

Today I met my son for lunch to catch up..nice treat and then went to my favorite local hardware store.  Hartville Hardware in Hartville Ohio,  The biggest hardware store in the USA with a house built inside to view their products – a home show.


At one time Hartville was an Amish farming community.  When we first came here from New York many years ago it was very rural. Hartville hardware was a local store with bins of screws, nails, farming equipment and a hitch outside for the Amish farmers to tie their buggies…very quaint and picturesque.  Now all the farms but a couple have been sold and it has turned into a suburb of Akron  & Canton Ohio. Hartville Hardware has grown right along with the community.  It is a massive store now.  Thier website states they are the largest hardware store in the USA and I think they might be.  Besides the hardware store, they have a lumber mill, collectibles stores, a restaurant and outdoor /indoor craft market.  The same Mennonite family has owned it for over 40 years and have really expanded the enterprise. I would just love to know about their marketing plan!

II went today to buy a dishwasher…my kitchen update, which I’ll write about later, included a suite of stainless steel appliances.  I am afraid I have had nothing but bad luck with them and could never resolve the warranty issue with the dishwasher…just over a year old, but I had problems from the get-go.  To make a long story short- the company’s extended warranty plan was impossible to comply with and I am now in the need of a dishwasher that works.

This post does not have any affiliate connections…just me writing about my own personal experience. After my problems with this suite of appliances…I will have to replace to stove sometime soon, burners work great but the oven is so inconsistent I cannot rely on it to keep a temperature if the meal needs over an hour.

Based on this past experience, I believe it is better to research, research, research! So I checked out consumer reports, and Amazon to read reviews, appliance stores and actually talked to a guy that installs appliances.  I have concluded that, if possible, it is better to buy from the top 8 models reviewed.  I cannot afford to buy the best of the best, but because I lost the entire cost of the dishwasher and oven, I  have determined its better to buy appliances higher up on the ladder.

So I looked at dishwashers and at duel fuel ovens with convection.  Does anyone know anything about these?  I am afraid of the Kitchenaide duel that I can afford- it has an Aqua clean system only that got some bad reviews.  I am looking at a GE that has steam clean but also has self-clean mode- with high heat.  That’s the old fashion self-clean we had had on our stoves but that manufacturers are offering a lower energy option.  Sadly that aqua clean, steam cleaner IS lower energy and cannot take a heavy clean. Self-clean- high temp.   I am leaning this way; my oven can get quite dirty.

Anyway, Consumer Reports agreed with the research I did, so I ordered a Kitchenaid dishwasher.  Fingers crossed.  It comes next Friday.  I’ll let you know how it goes.



I also bought bird seed. Time to get my feeders up and running.  I am looking forward to getting back into furniture redesign and painting.  I bought General Finish Gel stain in Walnut and topcoat- going to finally paint that jewelry armoire I posted about after seeing a cream painted piece.

Thanks for listening- great to be back. Would love it if anyone can give me info on a dual fuel oven!

Please stay n touch- love your comments

Talk soon-Dee

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