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Boom Summer for Sales

This summer has been one of our best sale summers.  In one week we sold the two vintage school desks.  Cast iron base with pencil slots and inkwell holders.  A couple planned on using them as end tables in their family room

Vintage School Desk 1
Vintage School Desk Columbia


Vintage School Desk 2
Vintage School Desk – Oxford


That was Monday.  On Friday we had a lady call looking for a small dining table.  W had the oak table with cream painted legs.  That table was only 58 in long and 33 wide. Six cream French Country chairs went with it, but she only wanted the table.  So she and her family came out to look.  They did like the table but were concerned about the size.  Apparently, Mom has a small dining space and needs room to play cards with her friends, so they wanted a  narrower table that the standard and they thought our little table would work.  So she went up to northern Ohio.

small dining table- oak

Then on Saturday got a call from a gentleman who recently moved and was looking for a dining table and chairs.  He came Sunday to view the larger wood table. Again, walnut stained top with cream painted legs.  Again, a set of 6 gray linen upholstered French chairs.  He loved the set and took it with him to the Cleveland Ohio area.  He wants to place orders for a coffee table and perhaps two lamp tables.


When it rains, it pours!


John is over the moon.  It seems once people see the items they can see the skill and artistry he puts into his work.  The craftsmanship is evident as his love of making furniture.

This experience has made me realize how difficult it is to sell items when you don’t have a brick and motor shop but it gives me hope in achieving more online sales.  I thought perhaps we would have to give up this part of the business, but I now do see that even sales of bulky furniture items ARE possible.  I used Facebook Marketplace to sell these items. I am having difficulty using the social medium as a sales tool.  It has really gone to social media one on one, as it once was; I find it not as helpful as it once was in building a blog or business.  However, this Marketplace section they have rolled out has been a great find!!


Now we have 6 French Chairs left over if anyone is interested!!!


I hope my fellow artist and crafters are also having a good summer.  And I hope all buyers are enjoying their items!

A great big thank you for all those who support bloggers and artisans.  W would all be nothing without you guys.


Thanks for reading

Will talk soon

Take good care


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