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Last week I told you I would show you the finished coffee table and picture frames I painted in Boxwood green.  In a past posting, I shared with you the old yellow oak oversized coffee table in the downstairs family room that needed a makeover. I loved the look of the table but hated that yellow-orange oaky color.  I had seen a blog post from Miss Mustard Seed in which she painted a butler cupboard with a formula made from her milk paint, Boxwood.  She shared that formula online; and so I took the formula to my store and did the same.  You can find her references in my last post here.


I will show you the picture frames first.  They are antiques and had a dull ashy wood color and so I wanted to pep them up a bit.  The green hopefully will bring them to life a bit more and is fitting with the floral theme of the art pieces.  BTW  The floral items in this wall piece are local plants and seed found in Tipperary Ireland.

Tipperary Floral Art


Irish Antique pix floral

I am liking the difference.

Now on to the table.  The table required two coats of stain and three coats of poly because the kids and I are a bit rougher with the family room furniture.  You know….feet up, cans of soda and beer, knickknacks, etc.  I don’t wish to live in a museum.

Here she is back in her spot.


coffee table back in her place

We used General Finish high-performance poly in satin- but remember three coats. You can get this at your hardware store or from Amazon.

It may look a bit shiny here but it doesn’t look like that when you see it. I think the light coming in the room reflected in the pix.


While doing this I also got a lesson in color.  Originally I wanted John to stain the top the same dark walnut he did on my bath cabinet. The cabinet was a dark blue-black and I had him put General Finish’s dark walnut gel stain on the top.  The fresh wood on the cabinet only required two  coats to get to this real dark brown color. I thought I wanted the same on the coffee table.


Custom Bath Cabinet


But when he put the first coat on the coffee table and then the second,  it looked dark enough and let a bit of the warms of the oak come through.  I think had he continued on with the three or four coats necessary to get that dark brown, it  would have been too dark and cool for the boxwood.  The boxwood is a warmer softer color than the dark blue-black.


So, the moral moral here is to always remember to take colors into account when painting furniture.  What might work with one color might not work with another.

Do you remember having your colors done for your makeup and clothing?  I was a winter, what were you?


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