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I love crystal chandeliers and the great thing about them as they are found in ALL decor styles.  When we had the kitchen makeover last year ( I’ll post on that later) we put in a new kitchen..kind of. The condo was very dark with oak cabinets, oak trim, oak flooring and one small window over the sink.  To brighten the walls, we got new cabinet facings in a creamy white and painted the walls a light gray. We also had pot lights put in the ceiling and under cabinet lighting.  The original pot lights were a warm color but we changed the bulbs out for LEDs and that made a huge difference.  Cooking is now much easier now that I can see whats actually in the pan.    I love it.  What an improvement.   In Ireland and England, a white kitchen is very common and I have always loved the European look and try to incorporate it in some of my USA decors.

I had all the lightning changed upstairs in the main living section of the condo except for the white fanlights in the two upstairs bedrooms. That will be this spring project.

The kitchen, like the rest of the house, had not been redecorated since the build in the 1990s  and it had much more brass than I was now comfortable with, especially the old shiny brass.  Brass in reappearing in today’s decor but is it a bit flatter color.

In the kitchen, over the dining table, I bought a  5 light chandelier from Amazon in Oiled Bronze.  I use a  bit of black cast iron in my decor and it the bronze looked good with the mix of white and gold and navy blue in the kitchen.

Well, I did love the chandelier but it just didn’t have the bling of the crystal chandeliers I love.  I bought some crystals, again from Amazon.

BTW Amazon helps me satisfy my addiction to cardboard!

With a bit a black jewelry wire from the local craft store and a small needle nose plier, I was able to attach the jewel crystals to the piece. If you look closely you can see where the wire is wrapped around the arm of the chandelier, luckily there were little buttons on the arms themselves and I could wrap the wire around those buttons. Now I like it MUCH better.

Here are before and after pIx so you can see what I did.  Happy to answer any questions you have about the process


This is the kitchen before the makeover..yellow with oak cabinets but with the new bronze chandelier

And here is after


I still have some string/garland crystals from amazon but not sure if I want to add the draping effect.  Might save them for the bedroom fans.  The trouble with the fans is there is no center light.  A center light makes it much easier to switch out to a kind of hanging crystal chandelier.  But more on that when I get into the bedroom this spring.  More research needed.

I had a contractor give me a quote to plaster over the popcorn patterned ceiling.  I almost fainted!  Guess it stays.



Here are some Crystal Chandeliers in Ireland


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