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CHLORINATED CHICKEN !!! Foodie Dangers Part 1

Brexit, England’s leaving of the EU, has opened my eyes to things I never knew.  It started with this headline

“Hormonal beef and chlorine chicken could be coming to UK if trade deal with US goes ahead .”

                               The Telegraph

water surface, chlorine water

When I looked into more deeply I saw that there are many food products made in the USA that Europe will not allow to be imported.  One of them is chlorinated washed chicken.  What the heck is that I  thought…sounds absolutely horrible.  Apparently, to prevent food born illnesses, the  US has required chicken to be lowered to 40 degrees quickly after being killed, de-feathered, and eviscerated.  In the US, the bird is quickly dumped into cold water baths that have chlorine in them and then sprayed with cold water with chlorine as it proceeds down the assembly line in the processing plant.

In Europe, that has been banned since 1997.  They put the chicken in a very cold room which lowers the temperature down to the required 40 degrees.  It may be sprayed with cold water as it proceeds. The cold blast rooms take 90 to 150 minutes compared to the 50 min used in the American process.

You might ask if the US wanted to trade with Europe, why not use their technique?  Well, of course, the issue is money as always.  Time is money and it costs more for the longer process used in Europe.

I came across an article in on Bloomberg written by the foodie daughter of the famous Dagin food processor of France, which stated:

For Ariane Daguin, the daughter of French restaurateurs and founder of high-end meat purveyor D’Artagnan, her first bites of American chicken were nothing short of terrible.

“I didn’t understand,” she says, the memory of disgust still audible in her voice decades later. “It tasted like fish sometimes. Other times it was tasteless.” A big part of the reason, she soon discovered, was because of the way the chickens were cooled after slaughtering: with a dunk in a cold water and chlorine bath.

Now after reading that and going to other sources, the chicken farmer insists that the chlorine either doesn’t get into the chicken or evaporates.  How can I believe that I have been brining chicken to make it tender for years, but no more.  I have looked and will try to find air cooled chicken from now on. I have found one sure source and some other.  Happy to share if yo wish.

I am going to tell you something about myself that has started me down this journey.  I firmly believe, based on personal experience, that our chemical age is partially responsible for many illnesses and poor health in general.


I have been having some severe GI issues and other problems over the past few years.  It’s hell getting old! I put it down to getting older, poor eating habit, lack of exercise, etc.  I changed my eating habits, saw a GI doc and was put on diet and medication.  I found the medication to cause awful side effects and eventually stopped it.  I paid more attention to organic food, eating less bread.  It seemed bread was a problem.  Now let me say, I am NOT a big proponent of wheat belly theories and a sudden increase in celiacs.  I am a scientifically trained retired health professional.  An RN with a Masters in Healthcare.  I worked as a health researcher for years.  “Give me the studies” and “prove it” might have been my guidelines. However,  I did find that many of the food studies are based on observation and that food and health is a very complicated issue to prove one way or the other.

I have become interested in a local MD who is working along the “new agey” path and because I don’t believe in the “new agey health medicine” this will be an experiment for me.  I have two acquaintances who are both older people like myself with issues similar to mine: weight gain, lack of energy, autoimmune problems who have improved greatly in the past year so I will try this and if your interested in this watch the blog for more information.  Sign up to the blog, so you can keep up and feel free to comment with your experiences.

The next issue in this series will be on WHEAT.  I have been living overseas part time for 10 years now.  I find my health issues, especially my GI issues resolved over here.  I eat bread, no problems. Again, this is my observation.

I now think it may be the wheat but maybe not the plant itself. I recently found that European wheat is a different plant and the big thing I found out is that USA WHEAT IS sprayed or soaked in ROUNDUP- a pesticide.  It’s used as a desiccant to help dry the wheat before milling.

This lack of one to one, cause and effect demonstrates the problems with a lot of food science.  Maybe I’ll eat bread here and have problems again or knows, but I am going to give this a try.  Not too sure about integrative medicine.

Stay tuned…as usual looking forward to your comments.

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