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As you know, we sponsor a couple of fabric artists- a knitter and a cross stitcher. Today I wanted to give you some information about the work of Cross-Stitch by JR. She has been a cross stitcher for over 20 years. One of her most loved designers has been Marilyn Leavitt- Imblum. Ms Imblum worked as a Lavender & Lace Cross stitch pattern maker for many years and was one of their most treasured artists. JR has worked on Ms Imblum’s Angel series and is currently making one of the artist’s Celtic patterns Celtic Christmas, which we will offer soon in our YarnsnWhimsy Etsy store { see go to button on this website}

Wikipedia has a short bio on Ms Imblum

Marilyn J. Leavitt was born August 1, 1946 in Youngstown, Ohio,[2] where she attended Ursuline High School.[3]
Her professional design career began in the 1960s, working as an advertising and fashion illustrator for Strouss and Hartzell, Rose and Sons.[4]
Imblum began publishing embroidery designs around 1986, when she showed her original design “The Quilting”, showing an Amish quilting bee, to the owner of a local needlework shop who told her that if she graphed the design the shop would sell it.[4] The first 25 copies sold almost immediately. Within a decade, her Victorian angel designs were considered among the most popular cross-stitch designs available.[5] In 2000, she publicly stated her opposition to the unlicensed sharing of needlework patterns on the Internet.[6]
Personal life[edit]
She was married three times and had six children.[2] She had multiple sclerosis but did not widely publicize the fact.[4] She died on August 14, 2012 in Newark, New York, aged 66.[2]

I am delighted to tell you, after much discussion, we are now able to offer New Commission Service
I can take orders for cross-stitch patterns. You can contact us with an pattern you want and JR will make the item for you….See upcoming post for further information!

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