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Decor Design 2018: Whats in What out Really? Part One- Kitchen Counter Tops

I think the January organize and clean push has abated.  I, for one, am glad to see that go…I don’t start that nonsense until March when I get the Spring clean bug.   Lately, I’ve been reading the internet decor sites proclaiming whats new in decor for 2018.  HomeAdvisor recently posted the question – Was granite going out of style?  The article noted granite has had a 30-year reign that may be dwindling but did agree it remains a solid choice.  Last year the sites were stating that marble is also losing favor.

In there stead are the newer materials of quartz, wood stainless, and others  Now quartz has been around for a while, in fact when we redid our kitchen  I did look at quartz but preferred the pattern choices in the granite. I do understand that granite requires the maintenance that quartz does not.   Now wood would not be a favorite for me.  My past, years ago, experience with wood in the kitchen is not a happy memory. It can look absolutely gorgeous but requires a great deal of care and maintenance.  Moisture and heat are both harmful; you can warp it or burn it easily.   Monthly upkeep and sealing are mandatory to retain the look.

If I was to have wood in the kitchen again it would resemble this gorgeous center island made by Elmwood.

Home Advisor also mentioned stainless steel, now that makes a professional looking chef’s kitchen for some but for me, it reminds me of my days as a hospital nurse.  I do find concrete interesting though.  I have seen that look on many decor tv shows and in magazines.  I prefer concrete polished on floors.  It does make a unique one of a kind look as it never quite looks the same.


Finally, HomeAdvisor lists soapstone.  Now that is a very new concept for me.  The only soapstone I had ever seen was in a Oriental antique- carved bird on a little bowl of John’s

He tells me that soapstone is difficult to carve.  This Japanese or Chinese carving is very beautiful.  The article goes on the say that the stone is natural and ranges from a light gray to green- black.  Our piece looks very red with cream and black.  It would definitely make a unique color concept in the kitchen.  Soapstone is resistance to stains and acids but it also scratches and can get chipped or dented.  Also, the material can darken over time.  I have never seen this material before and wonder if it would be for me.  After a little google research, I found that the stone comes in a wide range of colors and even patterns. One consistent picture featured was a black countertop that really did look impressive.

No matter what the trend says, remember that these are just trends, and the industry does want to keep the market active.  It does that by consistently changing the favorites, just like in the clothing industry.  However, some fads, especially in clothing will never return, thank god.  The three mainstays of marble, quartz, and granite will always be in the top ten of countertops.  Bottom line is that the adage is true- the customer is always right…it all comes down to what pleases your eye!


I love my granite counters seen below.  It is basically a gold granite but has bits of gray, browns, creams with tiny good flakes in the stone.  Originally I had oak cabinets but the kitchen was too dark so went with the European cream I find in Ireland and just love.  That deep blue is a kind of navy that I find just set the room off –  my bit of whimsy.  Will go over my house makeover in later posts.









So what do YOU think?  What material would you choose?

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