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I live in Ireland every winter to escape the nasty winters of Ohio, especially the snow.  But Mother Nature got me back this year!

We had the Beast from the East- Siberian airflow for three days last week and on the end of that, Storm Emma came up from the south.  All her rain turned to SNOW.

Within 36 hrs we had drifts 6 ft tall around the house.

This is the view from the back door. We could not get out except by walking against the wall and stomping the snow down. We were able to stumble out to get to a path made by our neighbor.  John’s daughter lives in the big house, we live in the granny flat – cottage.

The weather service noted that our area of Wexford got at least 60 cm [25 inches] of snow and a great amount blew around in snow drifts up to 7 feet tall.  The country went on RED alert- basically shut one was allowed out on the roads and actually were suppose to stay inside the home. That alert was just lifted this morning.

We lost power a few times yesterday and at one time the temp in the sitting room was down to 59F, that was very frightening.  We knew the storms were coming and had gone out the day before and bought milk, bread, meat & frozen vegs, and eggs. So we had food…but without power- sandwiches only.  Fortunately, we had power during meal times.

We cannot get out the front door because of the drift.  It is over my head now and you cannot see the car…just barely

That’s John opening the front door

John has been upset about getting seed out to the birds and actually tramped over to the gazebo to put seed on the table inside for the birds. They have been coming in great batches…his little friend, the robin, still comes to the window on the sunporch looking for sunflower seed hearts.

So against my advice, he started shoveling a little path from the back door to the granite table- about three to four feet and then he cleared a bit of the snow on the top-about 2 ft of snow. He put the seeds out and now he can see his birds.


 Here is the granite table at the start of the storm and again today.Saturday morning after he shoveled it out.








No animal or plant or human has EVER seen this much snow in Ireland!!

The roads are still impassible in some parts of the area but we can get out. Temperatures are now above freezing and we are off the main highway N11. But because there is NO direct highway/expressway from here to Dublin. We are stuck locally.  We probably would get stuck in one of the villages along the way to Dublin.  I’m glad we don’t have to leave the local area at this time.  I have to go to Dublin to fly back to Ohio in three weeks, so I’m grateful that this happened now instead of that week. Smile

I grew up in upstate New York- The capital district Albany/Hudson Valley area.  I am well used to snow but this is one of the largest snowfalls within 48 hours I have seen.

A ROAR….the sunroom roof just lost half the three feet of snow off the roof….it fell right in front of the back door.,  Thank God no one was there.  John’s son in law is trying to shovel a path out there.  The path is now completely covered with three more feet of snow- Again

And we go on….

Love to hear back from you.

Talk soon




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