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We all make mistakes when decorating …some worse than others. We redid our upper level in the condo this past summer. Added new paint: going to a more neutral palette of grays and grunge. Added white cabinets in the kitchen, some new furniture and did some rearranging.
I loved the new gray walls and the white cabinets. For some contrast, I added an accent wall for the fireplace in elephant’s breath and a galley wall for the steps going down to the family room in a darker gray.

This past summer the dark gray galley wall looked ok. I had wanted a bit of drama for the wall. Now the entry area of the condo is a bit dark…just gas light window on the door and I thought it would be ok. But now that it is fall, you can see from the pics, the drama I wished for looks a bit more like gloom….so going to repaint.

Having a professional painter coming to paint the wall white! They have this neat ladder that has adjustable legs to accommodate stairs. I’m a bit older and wiser now, the old ladder and board platform I used in the past is a bit too scary now! :-)) I have a large mirror and a few larger paintings with gilded frames to put on the wall…hoping to brighten the area and add a bit a drama. I will post the new wall once it is done.

Remember, we all make decor mistakes. Hopefully they are as redeemable with just a new coat of paint. I am so glad that is the only problem so far, I would just fuss until I fix a problem… day I’ll tell you about my dishwasher warrantee problem.

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