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Garden Ideas: Grow Your Own Veggies

Today is over 89 degrees in Ohio…but it’s going to snow on Sunday.  Craziest weather I have ever seen!

The weather got me in the mood to think about my garden.  In the condo, I have a ring of gardens around the place so there is a good bit to play with but they are nowhere near the expanse of the gardens in Ireland. There are raised beds along the perimeter of the entire walls of the yard, there is a rockery with a little outside house, and there are two window gardens by the cottage.  So I have a lot to play with during the warm dry months.

Now that I am back in Ohio, I have a lot of new yard work to attend to.  A couple of years ago, John made steps to the back sunroom and deck.  The back of the condo shows our walkout basement.  So we re-gardened that entire area.  We just started replanting that area and I have plenty more to keep me busy.  I’ll give you a tour of the gardens later on after the snows.

While I am on this health food kick I have been trying to source good organic food.  I noticed the veggies were the most difficult to find.  The store veggies are wilted and I wonder how much nutrients remain in these as they sat for days and days.  I used to have a rather large garden for veggies at the old house.  My boys would help with the weeding and we had great fresh vegetables. There really is a big difference in taste in a vegetable that is only a few hours old and the best vegetable at the grocery store

When I was buying some French olive oil (I showed you the brand I use in an old post. ), I notice wood raised beds-premade.  I could place one of these on the back lower patio and grow some of my own vegetables.  I was thinking greens- lettuces, some green beans of and of course tomatoes.  Maybe some leeks and broccoli. I saw this one on William Sonoma.

There are more of these at other places.  I would get a liner for it and I could store it against the window wall under cover for the winter.  Think I might have John put caster wheels under it as it might be heavy once filled with soil.  I can only get full sun in the front of the patio. So it will need to be moved.  I am looking forward to the delicious taste of a fresh tomato off the vine.  I have been known to exist on tomato and mayonnaise sandwiches for days during tomato season!


Have I made you hungry? I’m off for a snack!

Thanks for reading my blog

Hope to hear about your veggies experiences

Talk soon xo



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