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Glyphosate and Roundup – Err on the Side of Caution

There is a war ranging over Roundup.

Actually, the war concerns an active ingredient in Roundup and others called glyphosate.  Last year the EU reported

“The European Parliament Tuesday called for the controversial weedkiller glyphosate to be banned by 2022 amid fears it causes cancer, a day before EU states vote on whether to renew its license.”

As of now, various countries like France, Italy, and Belgium do not plan on renewing the license and express a desire to get to the contract end, so there is no longer glyphosate being used in their countries.

The EU did not come to this conclusion overnight, and after careful consideration of all Monsanto said about the safety of Roundup, the EU seeks to ban its use.  Here is an excellent link to the paper published by the EU about the ban and their concerns over what they call misleading statements by Monsanto


Now in the US, we just completed a trial in California which awarded a janitor dying from Non-Hodgkins lymphoma which has been attributed to his use of Roundup as his work as a school janitor a ground maintenance man.  Again the scientists in the California trial have detailed how Monsanto’s data and scientists have manipulated findings to say the chemical is safe.


Sadly, testing has found that the chemical glycophate is already in our biology and is found in many of our foods.  Of high concern has been the recent publications on food, especially foods favoried by young children, have been found to have level about the recommended allowence. { that allowance determined by EWG scientists and not accepted by MOnsanto}

High readings have been found in Cheerios, Lucky Charms and in Quaker Oat products.  A listing is found here.  I have a disclosure to make here.  I follow EWG a scientific health concern organization.  Monsanto hates this organization so I may be a bit biased and if this is too Greenpeace for you, just do a Google search and you will find the same information in Bloomberg, WallStreet Journal, Time magazine and another well respected news outlet.

Monsanto argues the levels cited as dangerous in the cereals are arbitrary.  While there is no real definition of safe levels proven or disproven.  The industry posts testing done to various governments and decisions are made based on studies on rats, etc.  While some longer-term studies may or not be included or result hidden or misinterpreted.   AS one good article indicates; It is really one big guessing game.


In fact, a good place to go for additional information would be to the transcripts of the Monsanto Trial.

Some great informative links are as follows



Not everyone is ready to believe that the chemical causes cancer.  The New York Times published  the following piece varied opinions are given in this article.

The paper notes the chemical prevents plants from photosynthesizing.  In a  a 2015 decision by the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer declared glyphosate a probable carcinogen.

Furthermore, some research points to other potential health effects of glyphosate. In a study published last year in Scientific Reports, a journal from the publishers of Nature, rats that consumed very low doses of glyphosate each day showed early signs of fatty liver disease within three months, which worsened over time.

This information spurred on EWG and other groups to try to get more information of the chemicals safety.  The California EPA was ready to list the compound as a possible carcinogen



It also noted that the NIH and the EPA have both released recent statement stating that there is no proof that glyphosate causes cancer.  The USA food and drug administration states that the chemical found in the foods tested are not above the regulated amount of over 5,ooo ppm.  The Cheerios were listed above 160 ppm level. Another point to argue


The stakes are high- millions of dollars and huge companies involved…Monsanto is now a part of the Bayer Corp. of German so there will continued to be battles fought over this issue.  More disinformation, more claims that may or maynot be true, speculations and outright lies.  I remember the DDT problems and Rachel Carson’s book, so I will err on the side of Caution.

I will try not to eat food  with Roundup.  I love granola and oatmeal but from now on I will buy only ORGANIC oats and hope that lessens my exposures.

Take control of your health when you can and err on the side of caution.

Thanks for you interest…any serious comments welcomed

Take good care my friends

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