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Groutless Shower Remodel Part Two

A few days ago, I posted about the demolition of my old master bath shower. HERE My old shower grouting failed, and I wanted to avoid grout in the new shower, so I opted for a cultured marble shower.

I used Hartville Hardware Remodel as my contractor for the remodel and I a pleased with both their advice and the outcome.

When I first approached the store, I was assigned a design person. She went over my material choices for the shower. I looked at stone, marble and granite and Traveline stones. They all had a grout line, and I wanted to avoid the use of grout entirely. I found I did not have to settle for a fiberglass surround; I could have a cultured marble shower. Cultured marble is a man-made product known as an engineered stone: a composite material made of crushed stone bound together by an adhesive and formed into measured slabs

I learned it was much cheaper than the real stone, stained resistant and highly durable. It is relatively an easy to care for material. See Here and HERE.

This is a cultured marble counter top

I looked at various colors, and design compositions of the cultured marble, and my heart kept returning to the standard white and gray marble.

At first, I was concerned that my granite countertops- a gold color would not work with the white marble. AS you can see, my first remodel comprised of gold granite and new set-in sinks. I could not afford to change the countertops again.

The initial renovation consisted of gold granite and set in new white porcelain sinks and gray paint with navy accent wall

The designer assured me the white marble would look ok as my sinks and commode are all white. Now that the master bath is complete, I am happy with the marble.

I wanted to keep the hand shower, but I wanted a shelf of some kind for my soaps and shampoos. I had a metal rack in the old shower I absolutely hated. It looked awful and rusted out all the time.

I used Houzz to get some design ideas and shared them with the designer. I got two corner shelves to accommodate large shampoo bottles. I had to put them on the floor in the old shower.
I also got a bench seat. One warning that marble is quite slick to sit on when it’s wet, so I place a facecloth on the bench before sitting. Lovely to clean my feet and shave my legs in comfort

Lastly, I had a handrail put on the wall. John and I are not getting any younger. I have developed inflammatory arthritis and use the bar to hobble about when I have a flare. I recently had a realtor inform me that the bench and the handrail both add additional value to the home.

I hated the glass doors on the old shower and do not like shower curtains. This is a walk-in shower; somewhat level with the new flooring so they slopped the floor to the center for drainage and recommended a glass door surround. Another company- a glass company they recommended cam out and measured and put in the glass dor. I can open the door inward and outward. I have never had water on the floor as I pull the door inward to exit the shower. Really neat idea.

Another neat feature is in the drain. As I said, they had to raise the floor of the shower to meet the flooring. This allowed a new element in the drain system. Hair is the primary reason for clogged and slow running drains in the bathroom. This shower comes with a cup trap to collect hairs or anything that manages to get down the drain in a stainless steel cup. How cool is that???

the stainless steel catch cup

The last remodel feature is the vinyl wood-like floor. I have to give full credit to the store designer for this feature. I wanted to put down another vinyl floor- remember I do not like hard tiles on the floor in the bath- I had a family member who fell on wet tile and got knocked out and suffered a concussion. Maybe I am overreacting, but it feels better with a softer floor.

They have a small house as part of their showroom, and the floors are all engineer wood planks or this new vinyl wood plank. Mine is called Adura Max Luxury Vinyl Planks. It is waterproof, and the planks look like wood whitewash plank which go great in the house with the gray walls and beige gray carpet. I put a link HERE that shows the brand and the name Waterfront.

To be honest, I didn’t like the idea of grayish white washed wood, but I have gotten used to it over time, and I quite like it now. I almost stopped them from going with a more wood color floor, but I am so glad I didn’t.

My painter did not want to paint my wood trim white. He recommended taking the door sand trim all out and getting new engineered prefab white strip and doors.

I di not want to expense or the mess of that operation and I have kept the original oak stained wood trim and door in the house. I am now hearing about a new white gloss paint by General Finishes that does not yellow. I might have a new project for the woodwork and door in the future! :-))

Thanks for listening. If any of you want additional information on the products I used or choices made; just leave your question in the comment section and I’ll answer as best I can

Talk soon- take good care


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