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HAND TURNED PEN SETS-Do you know what BUBINGA is???

The first pen set you see was made in our shop in Ireland {This shop has the lathe} with a wood called Bubinga. Bubinga is an African Hardwood, specifically an Equatorial Africa of western Africa including Gabon, Congo, and Angola. sometimes called the African Rosewood, it may resemble other hardwood mahogany wood from South American. It has a gorgeous reddish golden brown color with deep brown grains in it.

We have multiple sets in this wood. Our two-piece set has a large pen for a male hand and a smaller diameter pen for a smaller hand. The Three piece set- a desk set includes a letter opener

During the winter in Ireland- or should I say the blizzard of 2018, John was on the lathe a bit in the workshop to keep busy.  We brought some pens sets over for sale here in Ohio

The darker wood pen set shown is made from Indian Rosewood; a very deep dark brown mahogany . It also makes a gorgeous set.

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