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Last year I decided not to sell our condo…long story but decision made. Instead we decided to upgrade- put in 1. carpets and 2. new kitchen appliances and 3. granite counters. Now we are painting……as expert decor person would see ,I made the classic redo mistake and did everything backwards!  And now the fun begins…

A month ago I shared a pix of our sitting room fireplace with multiple patches of different paint colors.  I know I wanted to keep the fireplace as an accent wall and I knew the paint color – elephant’s breath by Farrow and Ball was the paint I wanted.


I got ready and had someone mix that paint and painted the fireplace wall.  BUT it was too purple…didn’t look as I remembered.  Anyway, I had a painter come in a SHE noted the color was a bit off when I showed her the paint card…to make a long story short…she got Sherman Williams to contact Barrow and Fall for the recipe and now my fireplace looks the right color…sooo happy with it.

You can se on the before pix how many different grays and white grays I put on the wall.. I did the same thing in the sitting room…paint first but I did have an overall idea for a main accessory color…or what I call a pick up color- just hint of it in a room thru ought- I post more on that later.

So here is the new fireplace accent wall


We painted the room a light gray- Sherman Williams special mix called Icy Avalanche.  You can see the difference with the cool gray and the warmer gray beige- grunge of the elephant’s breath.  The paints do change colors with the light and the time of day – you can see that with the difference in both sides of the fireplace in the bottom pix.  I usually use Benjamin Moore paints, but our painter insisted on SW and she was actually doing the painting so….anyway, I am happy withe the colors and the cover.IMG_1581

 Do you see the little mermaid on the fireplace?  My daughter- in law, Brandy got that for me.  It came from a local artist shop- Don Drumm Studios in Akron Ohio.  He does beautiful and eclectic metal   work. IMG_1579Here is the final fireplace redo. Sorry- the pix is a bit dark…I tried to lighten it but the hearth details I will show later on.  I thought of painting the trim and fireplace white but that oak mirror is a special item from an Amish artesian here in Ohio- got it in the early 1970s- hand carved details are lovely.  My Hitchcock chair to the right of the hearth also came from that country furniture shop that same day!  As you can see, I like to mix antiques in with my decor. 

Got a carpenter in the kitchen, as we speak.  He is redoing the front of my cabinets and I have a hint of that pick up color in there…more to come.

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