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You might call it Picking in the states but in Ireland, we go have a Root Around.  In order to create new pieces from old, John has to source antiques.  To go to buy a piece from an antique shop here would cost you an arm and a leg.  While “dark” furniture is out and antique wood furniture, in general, has lost market share…according to one of our favorite shows-The Roadshow on PBS, you would not want to take a perfectly good piece of furniture and destroy it to make something new.  So we go looking for old wood and other things at the local antique dealer, who has a barn of broken or damaged pieces.

DON’T YOU JUST LOVE THAT LADY IN THE SIGN!  Anyone ready for your Wine Tonic?

Today we went to Pat’s antiques & collectibles shop in Wellington Bridge and John spent a good hour climbing about an old barn of hay and damaged furniture.   He had to make friends with the occupant of the barn…Pat’s pot belly pig, which was huge but not aggressive but hence the hay.  Anyway, he came back with three pieces of mahogany.  I know I keep talking about mahogany and one day I’ll write an info piece on it.  But mahogany is basically an endangered species and today’s wood, which come from the jungles of southwest Asia and Africa does not have the same characteristics of the old Brazilian Mahogany John is looking for. The old stuff is richer looking and denser.  It even has a different color- more red and purple-red., today’s more yellow or paler.  I notice guitar makers still make a big deal of the difference in these woods.

Pat’s place is an are a few picks from the outside





wheels, signs, just look outside the house.

I really wanted that lady on the ad posture but have nowhere to put her.  Just might go back……..





Gates, a great granite pineapple, more stuff, and look closely to the post right of the van…a weather vane!




The inside is something else but very dark.  Way out in the field behind this area is the old barn John found his old mahogany.


And this was his find for today…Three pieces of wood.  The top is a panel of very old Brazillian dark blackish-purple mahogany from a very old bureau.  The bottom two pieces, from an old dining table.  All have to be sanded down to the bare wood with is belt sanded and the large hand sander…  An ugly process as it gums the belts up and jams his machines.  And in the far left bottom corner are some antique drawer pulls and some decorative wood pieces I found.  I’ll show you a couple neat things he made with the last batch end of the week.

John keeps a ready supply of old salvaged wood on hand.  Last month he got an old walnut dresser from a derelict house sale. You can see he has a bit of wood on the side of the workshop


So nice talking to you…Keep in touch with your hearing from you


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