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John’s back in the workshop

Do you love period dramas? I do. I gorged on non stop Downton Abby, Pride & Prejudice, etc. Right now I am into The Crown on Netflicks. I only allow myself two maybe three episode a day- smile

One thing I like, beside the history, it looking at the architecture and furnishing on the show. I really love the great old manor houses. While I am here in Ireland, I get to see some of these houses still in use.

Well today John is back in the workshop. He has been working on the old mahogany tables- Victorian C 1889, 1905. And recently started taking apart old dressers to use some of the components for more modern items. Perhaps a curio box . I’ll show you when he’s done. but this is an example of the old big furniture he uses.

The castle shown here is Killiane Castle…a local castle here in Wexford. They take guests as a way of supporting the upkeep but it is a fun little adventure

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