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John’s New Venture – Wood Boxes

Hello everyone.  Today I am going to do something a little different.  I want to take this opportunity to announce a new product line for Wood’N’Whimsey. WOOD BY JC.

John is in the midst of developing his own line of solid wood boxes.  The boxes are traditional in appearance and traditionally handcrafted using tried and true joinery techniques: miter joints,  and established wood finishing techniques.

Our New Wood Boxes

As you know John is a woodman.  I know he cringes a bit when I paint furniture, and he does find the finished product very attractive BUT it is still not a woodman’s wood.  He makes all his boxes from hardwood and exotic woods. He chooses the wood for its color and grain. He does find some woods more difficult than others to work with and he is quite particular on the grain showing and the finish high-grade to a fine furniture finish.

So far he has developed three different styles.  A two drawer box, an open top with spines, and a simple open top.  We are sourcing our wood from a local Amish lumber mill and from a well known American woodworking supplier. John only wants high-grade wood with which to work. The expression  “you get what you pay for” does apply. Some woods that are for sale are not manufactured for non-staining handcrafted accessory pieces-but rather are more suited for building or furniture creation. Our prices reflect our cost of the different woods..the more exotic the higher the cost.  You will see below the price list varies on the type of wood requested.

Each box is individually crafted with attention given to the unique and natural beauty attributable to each wood’s flow and grain shapes. John does not usually stain the box but rather works with the individual grains of the wood.  Some woods have naturally occurring defects like knots, small warps, sapwood, and other color variation. John works to enhance these variations in his work

The boxes may have wood inserts for compartments others are plain.  The larger open top box with splines also has a rod in the top. That is for people who may use the box for cards and letters.  You can tie your love letters together and store them in the top section and keep your paper cards below in the box.

We think these boxes can be called keepsake boxes, jewelry boxes for men and women, or just a beautiful wood box.  I collect boxes, candleholders, and baskets. I know you can enjoy a box for the sake of the beauty of the box itself.



These boxes have two drawers which are lined- these in green upholstery grade felt.  Blue and red velvet are also available. The pulls are either brass bars or nickel knobs.

Generally, measure 12 In long by 7.5 high by 7 wide.

  • Mahogany Stained- poplar.    $100
  • Cream paint- poplar                  $90
  • Dark Mahogany stain                $100
  • Oak – Solid                                     $110
  •  Solid Walnut                               $120


Splines look like wood inlays.  John is taking a bit of other exotic woods to place in the cuts he makes in the box corner.  This serves more than one purpose. It is attractive and adds contrast to the design. But, there is also a structural reason for doing this, it actually makes the joints stronger.  I just love the look!

  • Fruitwood stain – poplar     $110
  • Paint- poplar                           $110
  • Oak- solid                                 $120
  • Walnut- solid                           $140

3.  Top Latch – no splines

  • Walnut                                  $115
  • Stained-poplar                  $100
  • Painted                                 $100
  • Oak-solid                             $110

At present we are ordering Bubinga and Paduck exotic woods to use in our boxes.

Now for some photos of the boxes

This is our Dark Mahogany Two Drawer Box with Green felt lined Drawers and Bar Pull

Next is our Solid Walnut Box- Two Drawers with the wedge pull.  

Creamy White Two Drawer Box

creamy white box

Now for the open top latch with the splines

Walnut box with Maple Splines

We have different box inserts, which are removable,  in the Splined Open top Latched Boxes

The top of the boxes has a bar holder in some of the boxes.  John says the box could be used as a letterbox to store cards and keep envelopes separate on the top…or even tie a bunch of love letters to keep in the top section!

And finally our simple open top latch box without spines

box latch

This box opens to a felt or velvet in center

Remember all boxes can be custom made.  So if you have a preference for inside color or fabric.  If you want an insert, etc. can all be worked out. Please contact us. We are always happy to accommodate you if we are able.

Please leave me a message and tell me what you think about John’s New Venture – Boxes

As always thanks for reading and take good care.

John has returned from Ireland for the summer and he has bought a new small box design with him.  I’ll show you as soon as he gets them going.

Love to hear from you.  Take good care.

Talk soon


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