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I know you guys are getting hit with a really bad winter this year. I am happy to know we chose this winter to go to Ireland. And here’s hoping next winter is much nicer in Ohio! We have had a few days with a good frost but no snow…no sleet…maybe next week they say. Who knows? Today the weather report said rain and then showers….? The irish have a different way of talking about the weather. 🙂

Anyway, we have been keeping ourselves busy. John had been redesigning antiques and has been using up a lot of the antiques he had stored about the house. He took an old secretary. You know that the writing desk with the shelved bookcase on top? He had taken that apart and made a desk bureau with the bottom, an open shelf cabinet with the top and is stashing the glass windows for a future project. He also took an old antique table base and added a new top..a large floral or fern plant stand!

I have been to the beaches here in Ireland and grabbed a bunch of stone pebbles and roadside wood branches to make a bit of pebble art. I still have a stash of stones, bog oak, wood stems and moss to work with.

Of course, we have been entertaining his two grandchildren in between….his little grandson loves having a ham sandwich with grandad.

I have posted some pix of our projects, which I hope you enjoy

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