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Living Room Design – Floating Shelves vs Built Ins

I think I said I was pretty much done with the house remodeling….wrong again.  Now I have gone back to the living room. If anyone tries to talk you into a corner fireplace really think it over.  It is a funny place to design around.  Usually, a fireplace is a focal point, a grounding point in a room.  If it is in the corner, it changes the angles of the room and has caused me a bit of a headache.  I had a wine leather sectional in the room at one time with the open area to the fireplace and TV but after a year or so, gave it to my son.  I did not like the closed feeling you got when you walked into the living area.

My house opens into a “great room” so my front foyer, downstairs steps, and the living room is indeed one great big space with vaulted ceiling. I decided to change the focus and bought a gold couch with green and gold club chairs.  I also bought a brown leather recliner couch for John to watch TV.  I arranged them around the rug and the center of the room, creating a seating center.  The fireplace no longer is the focus the seating center is.  On the far wall to the right, I placed a console table and TV and to the side of the bedroom door, a small rack bookcase and antique table.



Right now the far left wall on the room has my attention. That wall is broken in the center by the entry door to the bedroom. Thankfully that is a pocket door, so there is no hinges or swing of a door to draw your eye.








Initially, I wanted to have built-in white shelving on my wall  John had made this for another house and I loved the look.


White Built-Ins

But this home has much larger rooms than our condo.  Our living room only measures about 17 inches wide.  And I have the tv console and antiques on the walls.  Plus the breakup of the entry into the bedroom.  Another point to deal with is that John and I are both collectors and we do not have a minimalistic home decor style.  While I love the built-ins for the look, the library feel, and the display area, I know that will not work in our house.


So I’m now thinking, floating shelves.

I love this balanced look on either side of the fireplace, but you need the fireplace centered on the flat wall. Although this look is a bit like having the shelves balance on both side of my bedroom entryway; I am not sure I like that Idea.

So I thought if I staggered the shelves a bit.  Put one just above the TV height – one on either side. Then maybe another on the fireplace side, one just over the bedroom door but off center and toward the right. And then placing the third shelf on the right higher up a bit.

Reeces Home Renovation Contemporary Styling

Somethin like this look from Reeces Home Styling.  The TV would really be my bedroom doorway.


Or even something like this.  The shelves are balanced.  There are only three.  Again the fireplace is my bedroom door and the corner window my fireplace.  But I would paint the shelves the same light gray as the wall or perhaps white.


So that’s my new dilemma. I would really appreciate any suggestions.  What do you think about built-ins or floating shelves?  And if so which layout?


Thanks for listening to me and I hope someone has a solution for me…a little support on a new idea like this is so helpful. xo


Talk soon

Take good care


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