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Lobster Lobster Lobster

Yesterday my sister sent me a link to the Phantom Gourmet’s video about the Nordic Lodge in Rhode Island on their world greatest lobster here.

It really made my mouth water.  I love seafood and lobster is one of my all-time favorites.  I sometimes get live lobster and cook it at home but it is a bit messy so anytime I can get a fresh lobster done well at a great restuturant….I’m there!  I will be leaving Ireland soon for Ohio and while Ireland has had some of the best and freshest seafood I’ve ever eaten. ( Eat fresh fish for dinner two times a week here). I will be happy to get to the USA  so I can once again enjoy the mouthwatering buttery taste of  Maine type lobster and shrimp….two great items I cannot get in my local fish market in Ireland.

You can see a ton of fish here. There is a lot of skate and ray, which I have never tried.  I stick mostly with cod, which is absolutely fantastic so flavorful and tasty.  I just put in an oven dish, sprinkle with a bit of olive oil., add dabs of butter, lemon slices, salt n pepper and a splash of white wine.  Bake for about 20 minutes at 350F- till it just flakes and wow, it is sooo  good.  The other fish I buy is salmon because of the Omega-3s- the good fat. I either bake or fry that- sometimes I fry with soy sauce and butter.  The salmon is good but I do worry because it is mostly farmed here.  In my opinion, farm salmon are not the healthiest or most nutritious- wild salmon is and I can only find that smoked around me.  So I’ll have to get my wild salmon in Ohio – from Alaska and Canada

But back to the lobster…now that I cannot get here,  The only shellfish I can easily get in Ireland are clams, mussels, and of course, oysters.  Ireland is famous for its oysters.  This September will be the 64th annual International Oyster Festival in Galway. A bucket list visit.  In the meantime. I go once a week to Mary Barry’s restaurant in Kilmore – south Wexford,  for her Fish Chowder- a mix of white fish, salmon, mussels, clams in a creamy broth…to die for.

If you have been reading my blog, you know I have recently got involved with healthy eating.  As a die in the wool foodie, I have only been concerned with good food- good tasting, nice presentation,  but now I am more focused on Healthy Food. I recently joined the Harvard Medical School Nutrition newsletter. Today I received a report on ShellFish. So after my sister’s post I am really looking forward to getting a lobster when I get home- fresh, fish, healthy right? Well……

The report began talking about salmon the healthy fish choice…high in protein and good Omega-3 fats.  Then the newsletter compared health cold water fish with omega 3 to shellfish.  I found that the shellfish did not have high levels of omega-3.  Whats more lobster has very little, shrimp and clams have a bit and Calamari and oysters have about as much as flounder, not too bad.

As far as protein levels, lobster has as much protein as salmon and octopus has a very high protein level.  Cholesterol remains an unstable subject for me. I personally do not take statins and I do not overindulge in shrimp or calamari – they are high in cholesterol but I still eat them on occasion.

Well folks, as far as I am concerned, lobster is much more healthy than local fast food…so I am going to get my lobster!!  Does anyone have a great recipe for lobster-roll?  My last great roll was in Boston, wish I’d paid more attention to the spices.

Nice talking with you- Let me know what you think.

Talk soon



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