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We are back in Oylegate Lodge.  Still a bit jetlagged but I wanted to catch you up.  So to start off with the big hitch….I left my package of medications I need for hypertension and thyroid at John’s Daughter’s house in Philly.  When I unpacked the day we got back, I didn’t see it.  It will take weeks to get that package delivered to me, so I had to go the pharmacy { called a chemist here} on Sunday and get an emergency supply of medication.  To make things even more complicated, the names of medications, even brand names differ in each country, some dangerously so.  So the chemist/pharmacist had to go to the Irish formulary to find the equivalent for my meds.  To complicate matters even further, I have to take brand name pills, not generics.  However, I did find Ireland to have the Brand name drugs here and I managed to get a four day supply.

Looking up the Liffy River in Dublin on the bus home to Oilgate

Nex,t I had to go to a local GP to have an order written for the month supply  I will need until my pills arrive in the mail.  The chemist a very young and accomplished woman named Louise advised me there was a physician in the same building and he would likely do that for me.  I called the office the next day, Monday,  and was seen at 2:10 pm.  He told me he needed to see an official document of medications. I had no containers/they were in Philly.  He wanted me to have my doctor or pharmacist fax him my drugs.  Luckily my doctor has electronic medical records and I have an APP on my phone.  I was able to show him my medications.  While I sat there, he too, like the chemist went online to the Irish formulary and looked up each drug to ensure I got the correct medications and doses.  I filled them in the chemist shop and went home.  All and All, a two day, anxiety-ridden, project.  I cannot be without those medications and got quite a scare.

In about 10 years of traveling back and forth, I have never forgotten those medications.  I will be extra cautious now.  Please, if you travel out of the country remember to keep your medications with you, not in the checked bag, and make sure you actually have them.  Also, carry a note from your physician listing your meds in case you get caught out like I just did.

Flowers from my Wexford Garden

Just a short note for now.  I am opening the Irish shop- called PeriodPieces Design and will show you what John and I are doing.  I hope to interview a young woman from the Bloom home and Garden Expo.  She is an artist invited to Bloom in Dublin the past two years.  She works in fabric art and makes the most realistic animal head with felted wool.  Really quite something.  Hopefully, I will be able to talk to her soon.


In the meantime, stay tuned!

Dee xx

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