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Miss Mustard Seed Boxwood- a Paint

Last week I commented on a Miss Mustard Seed post.  Marion was painting a butler’s cabinet in her new home.  Miss Mustard Seed makes/ sponsors [ not sure of the correct word here] milk paints in various colors, and has done so for a good many years.  You are probably familiar with her products.  She had her milk paint color “boxwood” customized as a Benjamen Moore interior home paint and she shared the formula on her blog.

I loved the color, and so I went to my local hardware store and had a batch made for myself.  I showed the gentleman a picture of her post’s can with the formula on the top. He had no problems replicating it for me.

I have a large oak coffee table downstairs I wanted to paint. I also decided to paint the frames on an antique floral display we have from the 1970s made in Tipperary, Ireland.  The florals would all be local plants, and seeds from the surrounding area in Ireland.

Not sure you can see this pix…it’s so dark.  But this is the large oak coffee table I want to paint.  It is a beautiful shape and well made.  I really didn’t want to sell it.  The downstairs in this condo is a walkout basement with the family room in the center of the space.  There are a large bedroom and full bath off the left on this pix.  John’s workshop and the furnace room are behind that.

The other side of the room has the walkout and the kitchen; behind that a small storage room.  I use the kitchen table for my crafts.  It is a bit dark so I got a brilliant idea [ excuse the pun haha], and put blue-white LED bulbs in the ceiling lights, and the kitchen is now far better lit for my crafting.

I had made o a horrible mistake when I was first doing the pebble art in the kitchen; I did not realize that the heat might make my glue thinner and so it ran out the sides of my pebbles.  And then, to add stupidity to the mistake, I never saw the glue leakage and put the items in a local shop.  A few weeks later the shop owner advised me that people complained about the flaw in the pieces- the visible glue around the pebbles, and she had to remove them from the display.  OHHH how embarrassing!.  I will never be able to use her shop again.

But I digress, I’ll write another post someday on that venture! In this picture below you can see we painted the legs and the apron one coat of the boxwood.  I am loving this color but will wait overnight and apply a second coat.  I am going to stain and finish the top in a dark walnut stain.  A second coat was added, and it’s drying today.

First Coat on the coffee table

I also had a very nondescript framed floral piece from Tipperary, Ireland.  It is an older piece from the 1970s.  The wood frame is ash we think that has aged dull and I wanted to perk it up.  I think this boxwood will spice it up and the color fits in with the floral theme of the pieces.

These are the before pix

Tipperary Ireland picture shop logo

Here is a grouping of one of the squares.  It contains florals from the surrounding area in Tipperary.  I found the shop is no longer operating and that this picture was a local artist’s offering made in the 1970’s.  How neat is that.??


This is  after two cost of boxwood


Will check back with you when the project is completed.  I will remove picture tape and clean up the glass tomorrow. John will stain the top with Gel stain…..we will go from there.

Thankfully we have projects to keep us out of the sun and heat. Sorry,  82 F  does not seem cool to me.

How is your summer projects going.???. Let me know, Love hearing from you.

Thanks for listening

Talk soon

Take Good Care


BTW- All opinions expressed here are my own, and I have received NO affiliate rewards or otherwise regarding this post.

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