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Something reminds me- when I am traveling I always miss the other place at some time during my journeys.  When I am in Ireland, I miss people and things in Ohio and when I am in Ohio, I miss parts of Ireland.

Yesterday when I was searching the photo library for that Irish pickers sign of the Lady in the Hat, I viewed some Irish scenery pictures I had taken right before I left.

We live in Oilgate, a village just up the N11 highway in Wexford County Ireland.  We live across the road from the Slaney river as it travels from the Wicklow Mountain and finally enters the sea in Wexford Harbor.  Down the road from us is a large river estuary for the Slaney.  It is quite large…about 12 miles long. The area is called Ferrycarrig.  There are a large hotel and a B&B on the shores of the inlet of the estuary.

The Ferrycarrig Hotel from across the harbor. Long and low it is a rather large hotel and restaurant.  Great food, rooms, and entertainment.

We have sat outside on the deck with drinks on a few occasions when weather permitted

The area of water rises and lowers with the tide, as the freshwater river mixes with the ocean.  The Slaney is known as a tidal river. This is where the Slaney river completes its journey goes to the sea, culminating at Wexford Town.

In this area there are multiple historic buildings and a heritage center- they exist on the road opposite the Ferrycarrig hotel and include the ruins of the old castle and a Crimean war monument and the Heritage Center.  The river itself is known for great salmon and trout fishing.

But on the hill overlooking the estuary next to the Ferrycarrig Hotel is the old tower I went to and the little beach.


The hotel and B&B are located next to this old stone landmark.  Just before I left this spring, I was at the landmark trying to get some more pebbles to bring back to Ohio for the pebble artwork.

This is the little beach below the stone tower, I got some pebbles there.

This area has a lot of sites and history within a one-mile radius.  A good review of the area can be found here.


This is a gorgeous picture of the old tower

This old stone building was apparently built in 1400 by the Roche family, who are still prominent in the Wexford area.  The tower was built to protect ferries from marauding rebel and bandits.  The ferry was the only way locals could receive from and take goods to market. Cattle, supplies, foods, as well as people, were transported on the ferries.  There was no bridge over the river at that time.

It is a beautiful area but sadly there is no home for property for sale or I’d try to buy something for the views…don’t I wish.  haha

These are the old steps down to the beach.  I couldn’t get down them- no handrail.  I have vertigo….so John had to climb down to get my pebbles.  A good man!

If you ever visit Ireland, you must be prepared for the lack of safety measures.  You walk and climb at your own risk.  Many places do not have safety bars, handicap access or rails.  There is no way they could afford to cover the entire coastline or the inlets with safety equipment.  There are tourists deaths due to the mistakes made by tourists yearly.  Ireland is beautiful and to many Americans, it can be a bit wild.  Common sense is needed as you explore its many beauties.




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