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I admit to being a collector, a picker, a lover of antiques and collectibles.  I also collect multiple “things”.  John’s new venture of handcrafting fine wood boxes reminded me of my collection.  I started collecting boxes as a young girl growing up in upstate New York.  In the summers, my parents would take us kids to places called Storytown, Frontier Town, and others.  Storytown was located near Lake George and we took day trips, got to eat at a hamburger drive up diner and get rootbeer with our hamburger.  A special treat for us kids.  Here is a bit of history for you.  We visited after it was well established in the area.

“In 1954, Charles Wood invested $75,000 on five acres on the east side of U.S. 9 between Lake George and Glens Falls, launching Storytown, U.S.A., an amusement park themed by the Mother Goose rhymes.

Some times, my parents gave us money to buy souvenirs. Over the years,  I got stuffed toys, hats, dolls, candy and other objects.  God knows where those items went but one object I did keep was a small little cedar box about three inches across, if that,  which read Storytown USA on the top.

I actually found that when I was cleaning out my stuff to take to my first apartment after graduation from college.  I did pitch it them and now I’m a bit sorry I didn’t keep it.

When my mother passed away.  I kept an old wood box with a porcelain continental picture of ladies in old world dresses on the top.  My sister kept that box for me when I was traveling with my husband who was working as a traveling construction powerplant engineer at that time.  We basically lived out of our car for a couple of years.  Sadly my sister’s home was hit by a tree during a severe storm and she lost some belongings, including my box.

So now I have other boxes I have kept. Some expensive, some rather cheap.  Here are some pictures of my collection.

This wood box I found at a flea market.  I hold old buttons in it.  I love the look and feel of the different woodcuts


This is a wood box with a cloth grainsacking glued over the top with a rubber and metal strap.  I had gotten an item delivered in this box and kept it because it was so unique.  I have in on the right bedside table in the master bedroom.



This gorgeous wood with inlay top box is a recent gift from a friend who went to Italy last year.  Italy is well known for wood inlay and I love this thoughtful gift.  It sits on my side of the bed in the master bedroom.  By the way, my other collectible item- Baskets is seen in this picture.  I love this little basket and store my hand cream, watch,  and my iPhone in it.

I have this cardboard box in the guest room see below.  It was really just part of a set of gift boxes I bought at Macy’s one Christmas. Originally I had the set staked on on the sofa table in the living room.   I kept this one  in the bedroom to keep Christmas, Birthday and special cards people have sent.

I also collect baskets


In the kitchen, I have baskets- straw and metal.  I keep my TV controller in the little basket which was part of a gift box given to me years ago.  I also have this black iron fruit basket I purchased about ten years ago.  I love how it works with the black iron and dark brushed nickel in the kitchen and dining area.

On the fireplace hearth below I have another gift basket.  This one is filled with old paper birch wood limbs, cut and made into tea light holders


Below is a small cardboard/ balsa wood box with little flowers on top.  I just got this week. Isn’t it cute?










And finally here is an antique wood box I bought back with me from Ireland this year.  It has a brass inlay of a bird in flight.  The interior is not very deep and the wood has a great antique patina on it.  Love my glass paperweight another antique fro Ireland



John and I are  hoping his boxes will come to mean something special to their new owners.  Perhaps it will encourage someone to start their own collection of boxes.


Thanks for reading

Hope to hear from you.  Do you collect boxes?  What do you collect?

Take good care


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