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My Innovative Health Plan finally Begins

If you remember, I wrote about a new age health program of diet and wellness in my neighborhood.  A friend of a friend had participated in this program and did remarkably well.  I know she lost a ton of weight and felt fantastic.  I wanted the same, and so I went to see this doctor about a month ago.

I was put on a semi detox program while I waited for the results of multiple blood tests and hair analysis. I am to eat no sugar, no potatoes, no corn; I was to drink organic bone broth daily. Some of the tests were for food sensitivities and others for vitamin and nutrient levels.  Also, hormones levels were tested, including some I never heard of, which held significance concerning your diet and weight management.

Food sensitivity is a relatively new idea.  Experts on all sides differ in their opinions on this subject.  Also, some researchers and doctors are now concerned with the chemicals used in the production of the food as being a possible suspect and not the food itself.

So today, after checking in with the nurse, I had an hour-long conference with the doctor while she went over my test results.  So it seems I have sensitivities.  I am mainly sensitive to dairy- ALL dairy and chicken eggs.  I have a mild problem with cane sugar, a type of grain named spelt, and green beans. That was basically it-apparently I had significantly fewer hits than others have experienced.

My blood tests indicated I was deficient in some areas such as  B12 and other B vitamins; Vitamin D. Testing also noted I was experiencing autoimmune problems and inflammatory issues.  I knew this was highly likely as I have had a low thyroid problem for many years and recently I got a diagnosis of inflammatory arthritis.

I received a  large package of supplements.  I am to make a small shake with protein and a supplement to drink before breakfast and dinner. I do this for two weeks and then another shake combination for the next two weeks.  I must take a probiotic powder nightly.  I was given a specific pack of vitamins ( five or six) to take with breakfast and dinner

A daily exercise program must be integrated; I will likely use my treadmill for this.  They have you start out slowly and build your activity up over the next month.

I will have weekly conferences with an assistant.  I already need to call and inquire if I continue with the tree veggies per meal and the daily bone broth.  It seems like a tremendous amount of stuff to…shakes…drinks, pills and more pills.  But I promised my self I would give this a decent try.

I’ll update you in a future post.

Meanwhile today I went and got some peonies and lavender plants for the gardens.  I did find gorgeous red germanium for the back deck.  The garden center had special geraniums for repelling mosquitoes.  I got another germanium and lavender for the back deck also.  John loves to sit out on the deck at night, and the mosquitos love him.

I did some reading on the citronella geranium, and there is some dispute on if the pant does repel mosquitoes.  For John’s sake, I hope so. Time will tell, but the deck will look more inviting with the addition of some color.  I have to be careful what I plat out there. The desk gets sun ALL day, and my past flowers have dried up and died even with daily watering.  These plants are supposed to be hardy and sun tolerant.

Thanks for listening.  Talk again soon

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