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New Age Healthy Eating – Update #1

If you remember, I talked a bit about going to a new age type approach for health and I was stressing healthy eating. I wrote about it in my chlorinated chicken blog here.

My neighbor told me there was a fantastic local doctor’s program that used integrated health approaches for health promotion. Again, very new age to me, but she was an example of it working right in front of me.  So based more on her results than the program I joined.

Week 1 – Flaxseeds and Veggies

My first appointment was last week. I saw the doctor and was given an overview of a six-month program with various supplements and vitamins, the range of which would be determined by a whole bunch of testing.  I had 11 tubes of blood taken yesterday and I have to have a sleep study (I snore) and a hearing test.  I was told to eat veggies with breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Now, I’m ok with lunch and dinner but I really cannot get them into my morning meal.  I eat a granola with blueberries and they had me add flax seed to the granola.  The purpose of the flaxseed is to improve digestion and provide health benefits.

I tried eggs with mushroom, green pepper, and onions, but that was way too much for my tummy.  I could eat that for lunch or dinner but I like a light breakfast.

Sayonara Sugar

The first two weeks of the program are a kind of detox period. I am not allowed coffee or sugar. I cannot have potatoes or corn- high glycemic index carbs. I put sugar in my coffee and I thought giving up sugar would be easy because no coffee means no sugar, but I found sugar is everywhere!

My yogurt had a ton, so I had to buy a different yogurt. It was in crackers, soups, some bone broths, ketchup, tomato sauce, some canned tomatoes. Once I started reading labels I found it everywhere. I was going to try Veggie juice to help with the morning veggie intake, but even that had a bunch of sugar.

Years ago, fat was the baddie, today it is sugar.  After a generation that avoided fat took skin off their poultry and ate low-fat everything, our people got even more obese and unhealthy, so now sugar is the new bad guy.  If you look at obvious sources of sugar, candy, ice cream, and other sweets, you can see a daily consumption of these would put on the weight.  Once upon a time, candy was not an everyday item and ice cream was a special summer treat.  However, now, due to the enormous amount of prepackaged and convenience food, we find hidden sugars in items.  The sugar is there to make it taste good.  Processing food can take the taste out and the hidden sugar does help ally that problem. I found a decent article on hidden sugars.  Dr. Axe is not my first go to for health advice, but this article was pretty good.

Did you know that package bread, cereal, health-food bars, condiments, sauces, and especially restaurant meals have lots of hidden sugar?

I love going out to eat, so I am going to contain myself to one dinner a week, avoid sauces, and ask for oil and vinegar cruets for my salads.

Week 2 – Bone Broth and More Veggies

This is my second week, and now I am supposed to up my veg intake from two servings per meal to three. I actually went out and got a cheap juicer to try and get the morning veggies. I could buy a supplement for them, but I’m not sure how expensive that will be.

I have to say, this program is very expensive. Much more than I thought when I first went, but I am determined to see if it works for me.

Bone Broth

I was also told to drink bone broth twice a day.  I was able to find that at my local organic market and even in the local grocery stores of Giant Eagle and Acme Click.  Apparently, the bone broth is full of nutrients.

I was given a handout.  There was a recipe for making your own, but I don’t have time really. I am having trouble keeping up with the juicing!

Anyway, the bone broth, not beef or chicken broth, is made from the long-term boiling of the bone to release nutrients. It releases healing compounds like collagen, proline, glutamine calcium, and magnesium, just to name a few.  I actually can see the logic in this.  Recently scientists have discovered the old adage chicken soup for colds has merit.  Researchers at Nebraska Medical produced a paper reporting chicken stock reduced inflammation in the respiratory system and helped indigestion.

More modern thinking has brought up the concept of “leaky gut syndrome” once considered another new age concept supported only by new age science centers. The more conservative medical scientists are starting to see some merit in the concept.  You can now go to medically accepted medical journals, as found in PubMed and find investigative articles on these concepts. I bought a jar and heat up a cup in the microwave and sip it all day long…it is actually very good.

The idea of food as medicine has recently begun.  I am not sure of how I feel about that.  It does make sense to me that processing, adding chemicals, long-distance travel, cold storage for months, picking before ripe and gassing to ripen fresh food all take some of the value and nutrient from food.  We use to have a garden in the back of our old house and had fresh veggies all summer.  That really was a treat I never really appreciated.  I will talk about food as medicine in a new post.

Well, I am sharing my experiences. I will let you know how things go as I continue on this journey.  I would love to hear from anyone who has had experiences in this area.  How did things go for you?

Take good care.

Nice talking with you. I would love to read any comment you have.

Talk soon,



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