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As I continue to restyle my home, I went to my local furniture store to buy a new mattress and box spring for the lower level bedroom.  I threw away that set last year.  My college-aged son at that time had spilled a bottle of coke on it…the big bottle mind you, a few years ago and it needed to go.

While I was in the store, the salesman tried to sell me the most expensive mattress in the store, even as I was telling him, it was for a guest room seldom used.  In fact, the last time was two summers ago in an unpleasant August heat wave. John and I used it because the lower level is much cooler.

After I made my purchase, it was not the high-end mattress set, he told me shipping was extra!.  I spent over $500 for a mattress and low box, and now he wanted another $79  to ship it to me!  He suggested a headboard might do the trick.  It would bring my total up high enough for free shipping.

Now that led to a discussion regarding today’s post.  There were tons of headboards taller than me in the showroom.  The salesman said that today’s homemaker was into this new look.  Some were actually strange looking, the height being so overwhelming.  I suppose the bed would better once fully dressed in linen and pillows. William Sonoma has gotten into home decor and here is an example of that look on their website.

This new bedroom decor idea for 1018 comes in differing styles, ultra-modern, contemporary, and old world. The feature can be overwhelming in a small room, but if the place has the height or is larger, it will work



You can incorporate this feature by putting anything with height against the head of the bed.  Here we see a wooden board horizontally placed.

Even an old world look is available

I have used a take off on this design feature by placing a large picture low to the bed frame I have on the bed.  I loved my iron headboard and wanted to keep it in the newly renovated bedroom.  This way I get the bang of the new design statement and retain my favorites.

By the way, I told the salesman I didn’t need a new headboard and told him to cancel the order.  “Everybody else will charge you delivery unless you spend a minimum of $100,” he said.  I replied that I was going somewhere else.  After a call to his manager.  I got free delivery for the bed.  It’s coming Wednesday!

Thank you for your time..I do love talking with you.  What do you think about this new idea?

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