New Beginnings 2018


Redesign Antiques is beginning anew…. a new year, a new website, and new choices. To begin, after you read our bios, you will see that heavy woodworking has been the main focus of our website. We tried very hard to bring our creations forward in various brick and mortar enterprises but with our travel schedule, it became impossible. So now we are now readjusting our energies.  We have closed the brick and mortar store concept and have joined in the newer concept of the blogger crafter business model.  I have noticed a few of the bloggers that inspired me and whom I followed over the past couple of years have also adopted this newer business model.

A bit of information about us, I am the parent of two great grown boys “men” and have three beautiful granddaughters.  I met an Irishman, retired from my medical-legal consulting business and decided to travel.  So now I spend a few months of the year in Ireland and John spends a few months in America. In Ireland, I get to see the most beautiful landscapes, beaches, ocean, and people.  I love to take photos and am in the process of creating a photobook of my favorites sites in Ireland.

I got very involved in my Irish genealogy and used my past love of research from my consulting days to search for family roots.  John and I built a little house- cottage to live in a few years ago. Moving into a small home has been a learning experience for me.  I was more use to the larger house we have here and now rent out and of course our larger American home.  John has built three houses in the past and had a cabinet building business and an antique shop in Dublin.   His work can be found in a good many apartments, hospital, and churches in the Dublin area.  He is the grandparent of 12 grandkids: 7 in Ireland and  5 in the USA!!! One of the apartments below

I have spent part the past four years creating a bunch of gardens here around the houses in Ireland and in Ohio.  In Ireland, John made a rock garden with a little stream and waterfall.  I had to tear out and replant parts of the garden because I was unfamiliar with the Irish plants and growing seasons…still in correction mode here, but it is fun.  Last summer we redid the upper floor in our American condo so I got to play with paint, interior design, colors. On rainy days, Ireland has a lot of rain and the USA winter keeps me in the house. So the renewal of my interest in art has been a Godsend for me.

John does not get involved with the blog…he just rather play in the workshop.  So going with the new trends, which really appeals to me, I hope to make this blog more diverse, fuller in content, more informative, and more personal.  My main goal will be to more fully engage with readers and other bloggers.  I love to read other blog articles on food, travel, and gardening….all hobbies of mine.  And I love to take pictures of places,  of fantastic food,  beautiful gardens, and neat people.  You’ll see more of these interests.  I hope you will enjoy that and share your thoughts and experiences so don’t be surprised at various topics of discussion.


Just making things and putting them on Etsy or Facebook has gotten a bit old and I think it is time for a change so if you have been with us in the past, I hope you continue to follow along with us and I hope you will like our changes,  and for all who now find us, please join us in this new venture and keep in touch.  I hope you will enjoy that and share your thoughts and experiences.

I have renewed my interest in sketching, collage, and painting.   John has always loved wood and making things. He absolutely loves the American yard sale!   He also has refocused.  Now he is more focused on refinishing furniture and re-purposing old items he finds into beautiful pieces for the home.  As you can probably tell, we both like to keep busy and have a wide range of interest, mainly me I guess, I can be a bit flighty.

Now let’s get the business out of the way.  Firstly, if you see something you want you will be able to purchase from our online store on the website.  Now we still have large items that will remain local pickup, but we are stressing creating pieces that can be easily shipped or mailed. Next, we will offer made to order items, all you have to do is contact us to discuss something you would like made, so if you see something that appeals to you call us and see if we can make it for you.


If you are looking for something out there, maybe a specific antique item, wall art type, feel free to let us know and we will try to make it for you or help you look for it.

Anyway, We will talk again soon , hope you will stay and enjoy our journey with us. I’d love to get your comments!!!



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