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I posted about the antiques John worked on in Ireland. Specifically, the Victorian ladies dressing table side pieces he removed and made into storage and here 


We are now offering handmade storage boxes.  These boxes are made from solid wood….no particle board, masonite, MDF, or veneers.   The style will suit both men and women.  I believe they will make fantastic storage for makeup, jewelry, men watches, cell phones, pens. An artist might use it for storing small tubes of paint, pastel pens, ink pens, art pens, brushes, pencils.

I have always loved old wood bones.  I think I started collecting little boxes when I was a little girl and we went to StoryTown in upstate NY.  My parents gave me money to buy a keepsake and I chose one of those little cedar boxes.  You remember, you opened the polished little three inch box and it smelled of cedar.  I kept it on my dresser as a girl for years.  Not sure whatever happened to it

THE PROCESS- How we make the box

We purchased wood boards from the local lumber yard.  First, we bought walnut and John made one box BUT yeeks!! The cost for one board was over $ 100.00; so we only made one.  He used the rest of the walnut to make frames for tiles.

John cuts all his pieces from a template he has in his head.  He has found this to be the best way for him to use most of the lumber without waste.

He then glues and clamps pieces

The panel pieces for the drawers are then cut.

The box is assembled and felt is applied to the inside of each drawer which is then inserted into the pinned- in frame.  Adjusts are made with sandpaper and planner to make sure drawers open and close smoothly.  The edges are routered to round the corners out and provide detail interest.  Small feet with a felt coating is placed on the bottom to protect your table.

One coat of stain is applied in the morning another in the evening and the box is left to dry overnight. Depending on the richness of color or the amount of wood grain desired, another coat of stain might be applied.  But John usually chooses to stop at two coats.  The box is hand sanded with fine grit sandpaper and the first coat of polyurethane is applied.  In this weather, it sets oversight, John fine sands and applied another coat the next day.  John then drills small holes for the pulls for the drawers, gives everything one more once over and buffs the final finish.  All in all the process takes him about three days.


We are now offering three of these boxes for sale at our Etsy store.


** Solid oak wood, stained a walnut which allows the wood grain to show.  Brushed nickel hand pulls for each drawer.  Drawers lined with rich green felt.


These are the same box, it’s just that the light changed the color a bit depending on my angle when I took the picture.  The grain of the oak is quite visible with this light walnut stain- It may look a bit gold but it is not in real life.


Here you can see the green felt drawer lining…you could put a cell phone and a small wallet or money clip in the bottom drawer- Father Day Gift!

This is selling for $58.00


**** Next we have the magnificent and costly solid walnut box. Again the same dimensions but the wood itself was sooo dear we will only offer this box for special order.  Happy to make it, John loves the wood.


Again, apologies for the light- the color is not as red as this appears to show in the pix.  John has it sitting on a dark brown mission color dresser.

This color is a bit truer.  Here is a brushed nickel knob and again the drawer is lined with deep green felt.


John loves this box!

Due to the cost of the walnut, we have to sell this for $65.00



Next is our solid wood popular box.  This wood takes stain more fully and John used a hand-tweaked mix to get this rich deep brown mahogany finish.  He also found a different drawer pull- rod-shaped similar to the antique pulls he has at home on the antique boxes he refinished.

Here is a picture of that box



Isn’t this hardware gorgeous?  I like the linear line and the brightness of the tonal color.  We are selling this box for $60.00

I think these boxes are unique in size and if you are like me and collect boxes old and  new, I hope you will add one of these beauties to your collection

Share this lovely piece with your friends and family.