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New Refurbished Kitchen Hutch Completed

Remember the old mahogany hutch John found and was cleaning up? It was at the end of the WabiSAbi post. See my past post here.

Well, he finished the cabinet and we put it on DoneDeal…the Irish equivalent of Craigs List.  It looks great!

Here is the bottom piece after a deep cleaning. I thought it might be beyond salvation.  John thought it would be too time-consuming to refinish, as we all know if it is made out of real mahogany….he wants to refinish it back to the original beauty.  But even he agreed painting was the best idea for the little scrapper. It looks so much better after he was done.

John has a specific process he goes through with these old pieces.

  1. Brush it down with a medium stiff brush.
  2. Wash with mild soap and water…let dry
  3. Wipe down with mineral spirits and let dry
  4. Bit a sanding for smoothness, wood filler if needed, any gluing needed, final light sanding after it dries
  5. If Painting- put on a coat of primer  and let dry
  6. Paint color desired first coat let dry overnight
  7. Apply second coat- in this piece he used an oil based paint which required the use of a room heater and three days drying time. We mostly use water base paints….we do not use chalkpaint…..or if we ever do, we apply a top sealing coat.  This piece specifically might be used in a kitchen and the paint choice was to allow for washing down during regular kitchen cleaning.
  8. After three days of curing John found some beautiful brass handles which he hand cleaned and attached to the drawers…I think the blue-gray paint looks fantastic with the goldy brass { new trend for 2018}


It was soooo dirty! 


While John worked on getting it ready for paint, I went online for inspiration for color and I re-read the information I used to make the WabiSAbi post.  I knew I wanted to use a gray tone and Found a blue green gray kitchen cabinet I loved.  See header photo.  We went to local pint shop and spent a long time trying to agree on a color…John wanted to paint it a deep dark blue or gray…I wanted a light color; the blue-green-gray I found online.  Looking a the small selection was difficult but to make matters more difficult, the colors all changed in hue after moving the sample out of the overhead lights.  There was no real natural light in this store…anyway, we finally made a choice.


This was the green-gray I found online by Tiffany Brooks Design.  I think this is a gorgeous color and loved the blue and gray tile on the backsplash and wall

Irish kitchens seem to favor a large dutch hutch in a kitchen.  The drawers are used to store linens and whatever, the top parts have ridges to display plates, hooks for cups. As seen below:

Our little cabinet has open shelves and appears more in tune with today’s decor colors and styles.  But I think this big hutch would look great painted gray-blue green.  While the large dutch type hutch will only work in a large kitchen, our little guy or could be placed in a corner of a large kitchen or in a small cottage kitchen.  Additinally, I think you could put it in an entryway. See it below what do you think

Here are the antique brass pulls – neat? This little detail adds so much to the plainness of the little hutch.


Now Let have a vote.  Do you think the hutch looks good in the pale gray-blue or do you think it would look better dark gray or navy blue?

Again- great talking to you. Please stay in touch and leave your comments.  I alway read and respond.

Talk again soon xo


Wishing you

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