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Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone!  I have been busy in the craft corner creating new art for sale.  I have a range of items for review.  First is a pen and pencil sketch of the Wood Deer.  The inspiration for this came from Pinterest.  If you go to my  Pinterest tips:// you will see some work I saw in Europe of animal sketches or doodles using tree branches and leaves to define the animal.  I found it intriguing and created one of my own from a fanciful deer I saw on an old cookie tin.  The sketch id professional mounted and framed with a glass cover.

Framed Wood Deer


I also have a beautiful Spring Flower framed under glass cross -stitch created by a shop contributor Cross Stitch by JR.  Her work is very detailed and time-consuming, and I love the brightness  and colors in this picture

Spring Wild Flowers

After I got my craft area organized, see my post on this here.

I was in the mood to do some Pebble Art.  Here are a couple of completed pictures.  I used pebbles from Wexford Ireland beaches.

The couple

The couple also had driftwood from Curocloe Beach right outside Oilgate


On the Fence

These little birdies also have posts made from John’s wood scrap in Oilgate.


Last night I had another bout of insomnia, I do this now and then, and there is no rhythm or reason to it.  I usually get up and read, but last night I laid there thinking about what new to make.  I believe I was in the shop mood because I had sold four French Country Chairs that afternoon.  After losing our area in that shop that closed, it has been challenging for us to get our wares out for viewing.  I joined Facebook Marketplace recently and had gotten noticed and sold a couple of items, so I am now in a creative mood again.

I wanted to make something that could be individualized.  I thought to make a baby cradle with a baby and leaving an area for placing the date of birth of the baby might be fun. So I made this mock-up.  I cut up an old straw basket for the cradle and added some sea glass.  I put a lace blanket overhanging from the cradle and a little flower in the top corner.  I will write the baby’s date of birth to the right of the flower.  This picture suits a little girl more, but I can put a bit of blue in it for a boy.


Baby Pebble


Now to put them on MarketPlace.  Thanks for reading.  I got some plants in the mail yesterday.  Have to unpack and think about planting.  Will show you on next post.

I’d love to know what you guys think…..please leave a comment

Talk soon


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