Nurture Everyone’s Whimsey- Keep a Spark Alive.

I think I once told you about my interest in art as a youngster.  I started in my preteens with sketchbooks and copied the lessons in those books.  I had pads full of drawings, some horrible but as I got into it, some not too bad for a little kid.  In my early teens, I started to use oil paints.  I had no training at all, but I loved it.  My dad would get me small canvases, and he got me an easel.  I spent most of my summers “playing” with paint, chalk, and watercolors.  All on my own, not knowing any better, I was as happy as a pig in mud!!!!

Then I went to middle school.  In 8th grade, I had an option to take an art class.  Here my joy in any art was slaughtered by a mean-spirited, untrained in child development school teacher.  Not to demean Catholic schools, but I think she never wanted to teach and was more of an academic.  This nun definitely did not like children.  She taught art and music appreciation to young children, but she never got down to our level and we never really learned anything.  To make matters worse for me, Sister Anne told me while I had some talent, I’d made a good copier, but I would never be an artist as I had no imagination.



Not my teacher but you get the idea

So I basically stopped playing with the art stuff at home.  Eventually, my Dad cleaned out my little studio, got rid of my canvases and gave the easel away…I guess.  One thing I did manage to keep for myself was a love of classical music, which I still enjoy.  We are fortunate in NE Ohio to have the Cleveland Philharmonic Orchestra just a short drive away.

Well, I grew up, went to college, went to work, got married, had two children, continued working, became a widow, retired, traveled, met a gentleman from Ireland, and the rest you know.  But now, working with this wood artisan, my artistic side was again sparked.  I am at the beginning of this reawakening.

I have been painting furniture for the past few years,  Making decisions on colors, what stuff to paint, helping John choose stain colors, etc.  My home needed a complete redo, so I have been into decor and colors, mixing styles, etc.  And I have enjoyed learning about decor, including making mistakes and redoing my boob-boos.

Coincidentally, I have been following a woman’s blog called Miss Mustard Seed, and I was starting reading her blog just after she began her blog in PA.  She always displayed her artistic talents and became more and more involved in art designs over the past few years.  I found her plunge into sketching, painting, oils, and watercolors as a great support to pursue my little dabble.

While I was in Ireland, during one of the worst winters I can remember in my ten years of visiting, I started out slow with pebble art and a bit of sketching.

Sketch- Woodntwig deer


After coming back to Ohio, I did a few more pebble art pix and then tried a mixed media piece with sea glass, pebbles, and florals.  I sketched out two peacocks and then added stones and glass,  I had a terrible time getting the glass pieces to stick.  This piece is much larger than my 8×8 inches Ikeas framed pieces. Here it is sitting on John’s maple wine rack table.  I mounted the peacocks in a black window box measuring 21 inches square. I am offering my art works for sale in our Etsy store.

Pair of Peacocks

Last week I also ordered a special mix of paint based on Marion of Miss Mustard Seed posted Benjamen Moore mix she used on her butler’s cabinet; a gorgeous green.  I have a large oak coffee table picked out for a transformation.

This week I ordered a new sketchbook and some watercolors. I have a couple of pebble rock pictures that I want to try adding a little paint to as emphasis and for a different look.  I’ll show you when I get them done.

In conclusion, I want to say that all of us that have contact with kids in the young teens be aware of what we say and how we say it.  I never told anyone about Sister Anne’s statement to me about my artistic talents.  But I know I missed out on doing something with my talent, such as it is, for many many years.  Who knows what long-lasting harm or sadness can come from a few innocent words. We need to nurture good in ourselves and others.  Do not discourage someone from trying new things, especially if they enjoy the activity; Even though it might not be your cup of tea.  We are all different and viva la difference!

Thanks for listening.  Any comments welcomed


Take good care

Talk soon,



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