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On the Road Again

Getting ready to go to the Ireland Home and shop.  John can’t wait to get home.  Truthfully this summer of record beaking heat has been hard to take for both John and me.  My veggies did horribly and I never got to get into my gardens like I wished.  The heat was too hard and me and the plantings.

We did have a great year, selling most of the tables John has made over the past couple of years.  John developed a new woodcraft line and created an inventory of beautiful exotic wood curio or keepsake boxes.  He packed some bubinga and latches home to Ireland to continue creating the boxes for sale in the European Market.

Curly bubinga top

I did use this time to play with some pebble art and enjoyed creating some fun pieces for sale in our Etsy Shop.  I discovered the business formats for  Instagram and Pinterest.  I have a slew of books and papers to read on our six and a half flight to Ireland on how to use these new social media platforms in our business and blog.  I’ll have tired eyes and a bum by the time I get there…smile


Pebble Peacocks

It appears the 2018-2019  time slot may be a time of change for me.  Our website and blog platform will become obsolete with the new WordPress upgrade and editor.  We will require an upgrade and my business blog media will also change it’s format.  So, a busy and confusing time for someone not that highly skilled in computer usage.

Hopefully, the new programs and outreach will enable me to make new friends and contacts.

As this progresses, please be patient with me.  I will still try to write on the blog weekly and learn business for Instagram and Pinterst.  Seriously, any thing you notice that needs a kindly approached construtive critique, please feel free to pass it on.  I am looking forward to your comments.



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