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I  worked as a medical-legal researcher for years.  Sometimes called a nurse-paralegal.  I had my own consulting business and worked for hospital defense attorneys and also plaintiff attorneys.  Medical-legal cases are usually quite complicated and can require a great deal of research.  I used online sources, medical libraries and medical textbooks as my resources.  I also gathered a great many files on the computer and my worktable!  Once I accomplished my work on the project, I had to completely CLEAR my workspace before I could start on another project. Now that I have gone back to my craft and art “roots,” I find I still follow that same behavioral pattern.

John has a workshop downstairs, and he makes SAWDUST.  An enemy to all that is crafting, painting, gluing!  Can you imagine if we shared a space!!! So I use a corner of the kitchen area.  There is a tile floor and a sink readily available, which is very helpful.  Since we left a brick and mortar store ( she closed, and we lost our area in the shop), We have to store ALL our stock in the downstairs of the condo.  We have tables, chairs, turned pen sets, little fairy doors, framed Irish tiles, and paintings, mounted pebble art, framed cross- stitch pictures and some vintage clothing and jewelry scattered about the room.  We do not eat downstairs, and the kitchen is only used to store extra food and drink in the frig, so I am delighted to use one of the farmhouse tables and bench as my workspace.

Family room- stock: chairs, candle log, sewing machine in stand
other side Family room with a chair and treadle sewing machine table

Before we went to Ireland for the winter, I accumulated a multitude of craft materials. My assemblage included silk flowers, twigs, grape wreaths, ribbons, tables, glues, paints, pencils, stamp material, and mixed media supplies. All piled on areas on this farm table.

I have a couple of back-orders for pebble art pictures, and I tried to go to the table and work on them but the mess was sooo cluttered, I couldn’t get started.  So I went out and bought some plastic containers.

I was unable to post the video to this blog, but you can see it on my Facebook page

As I said, we are now storing almost all our stock downstairs in the family room.  I am using the kitchen as my workspace.  We have two 6 ft long  Farmhouse tables with benches: one natural cedar and one walnut stained, a  6 ft walnut and cream dining table with six country French chairs, and an additional six French Country chairs in various places around the house.

Here are some pictures of the room

Dining Table Java Walnut Stain with cream legs


java walnut Farmhouse table




I did not want to take away from the family room.  We still use that to watch TV, and I use that treadmill-  not as much as I should and hope to up my exercise routine.  I reviewed a couple of websites on how to organize a small craft room and how to use a craft space in your living room.  While I found some good ideas there, putting up shelves and buying craft desks were not an option for me.

I decided to rearrange the kitchen area.  I took the chairs against the wall and moved them into the workshop hallway.  I put the farmhouse cedar bench against that wall and set the natural cedar table against the wall. This arrangement opened up the floor area and makes it roomier.  I then got some painter’s tape.  I used green, so my writing would show up.  I put the name of my supply items: pebbles, tapes, tools, glues, silk flowers and twigs, media art embellishments, paint, etc. onto each container. I then stored the boxes on the bench.  I had a four drawer storage unit and a couple of boxes of card paper.

The final results were workable for me.  Perhaps when the stock clears out, I might be up to getting one of those super craft cabinets………

Farmhouse Craft Table


Bench with boxes


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