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Well I am finally going to do some updating in the living/sitting room. I have painted the feature wall “Elephant Ear” . I love the gray/beige -greige color has a hint of blues and purples. I found it at Barrow and Fall in Ireland so tried to get it matched here in Ohio. Ben. Moores try is on the wall but it is not quite right. Going to try Sherman Williams next. My painter is sure she can do a better match with Sherman Williams. No matter, it is a lovely color which changes with the light. I have picked out a light gray Sherman Williams color for the walls in that room and the two bedrooms off of it.

In this pix you can see the difference in the light…the color on left differs from the right of the Fireplace

The house was originally painted in a greenish off white color so I am ready for a change..Plan to use Blues as accents. Will aim for better pix and will keep you advised as we continue..Kitchen next!

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