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Pottery Barn like Dining Table

John made a gorgeous country style table and bench last summer which we still have for sale.  It is a beautiful thing and probably one of my most favorite works he has done.  I love it because the wood is naturally rustic…it is made of milled cedar obtained from our local Amish builder’s supply and has an absolutely gorgeous patina.  Now I know I am prejudice but even my friends and neighbors have comments on the finish of the table.

I remember when he made this I had picked out a special stain he had never used.  It was a General Finish JAVA Gel stain.  He used oil-based stains in the past but never anything like this.  When he opened it up and saw the gelatin-like glob, he was not too happy with me but I managed to talk him into applying it.  We were both blown away by the richness of the tabletop.

Being cedar, the table was a little rough-grained at first but John sanded and sanded to get a smooth finish.  No one wants to worry about catching wood fibers and pieces when wiping the table as in some rustic tables. He was able to retain the saw blade cuts by that you can see the mill marks of the edges of the saw blade as in rough sawn cedar in the finish of the table and still see the beauty of the grain.  You can see the knots and the highs and lows of the stain grab in the color.

I tried to capture the rustic antiquy  knot look as you can see on the edge below

He also made a bench for the table and I rather fancy it with the bench on one side and three metal stools or wood country chairs down the other side.  Maybe two two cloth high backed chairs on with end.

Something like the ideas I found on pinterest below:

Today I saw a similar table for the new add at Pottery Barn.  I love that store and get a good many of my accessories from there. Anyway, I saw this ad here

I immediately thought of the cedar table.  We are selling ours for a lot less here and on our Etsy store 

I love that stain so much am planning a little project of my own.  I am going to redo and paint a piece of old wood furniture and keep a bit of the natural wood.  I’ll post when I start that…need the weather to warm up a bit …Where is Spring anyway?

Well, nice talking to you.  Love to see your thoughts on those tables.

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