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Timeless Styles and Traditions

Singer Treadle Table- Blue Lady



John and I made this simple table top for a Singer Treadle Sewing machine.  John made a thick top from solid oak boards and the routered the details on the sides.  He then cleaned and oiled the cast iron base and let me have it to paint and wax.  This Singer once contained a 1980s machine that was not included with the machine.  It was likely a Spinx and was probably sold on.

This base is older than the models with the Singer sign in the middle.  This base only has the Singer Medallians on the side but that just makes this base more collectible.

Anyway.  I painted the top a Victorian blue and after it dried I distressed the edges a bit.  Then I applied multiple layers of clear wax and a week later some antiquing wax.  I let that cure and went onto the base.  I painted the base a creamy white and then applied gold waxes in two different colors.   I purposedly accented the Singer Medallians on the sides.


The treacle and wheel both work and there are the original casts on the bottom


This Vintage table will make a lovely addition to any home.