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I was rummaging around in John’s workshop.. you have to see this place to believe it…John saves everything..bits of wood, old mahogany, old metal pulls, anything actually he thinks he might need someday…To say he’s a packrat might be a bit of an understatement. But good for me, I found these old gold leaf wood frames. Three of varying sizes..this is the smallest.

I do not have the skill or supplies to actually re gold leaf them. There’s a man in Dublin that still practices that old technique and he is far too expensive for this project. So I’m going to use gold gilding waxes and pastes. If you remember, I used them on the bottom of the white and blue sewing machine table blue lady.

I plan to hand them on the next empty spot on the tiny cottage wall

Will let you know how it comes out. I plan to hang the three empty frames together but have to see if there is enough bare space on the wall.
I know this little cottage is way too small and cluttered for many and truth be told a little bigger would be nice..but we do like to see our little treasures.

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