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Craven Dunhill Pottery Fireplace Tile- Antique- Victorian- Art Noveau

We have a collection of Antiques in Ireland.  Periodically we bring some items over to Ohio for the enjoyment of our USA customers.  One unique item is a fireplace tile.  The old cast iron fireplaces of the Victorian home had pretty tiles lining the outside of the insert of the fireplace. 


The tiles would match or would be part of a complete design, such as a flower stem.  It added a bit of beauty to the home.  Today in Ireland, these tiles are sought after to put in new fireplaces, as an insert into a modern tile application, to use as wall art or as a souvenir of a trip to Ireland.  John’s old business associate still has a fireplace shop in Dublin and sells them to tourists.

We have brought them home to Ohio to make into three tile and single tile art pieces.  These tiles are authentic- from the late 1890s to the early 1900s.    They came from John’s old fireplace store in Dublin.  We hope you enjoy them


The tiles are 4-inch standard size with the framed unit measuring 27 inches long, 9 inches wide, and 1 inch high.

We’ve got another item available!

This rare mahogany-framed wall art piece is handmade with tender love and care. The tiles of the art piece are 3 Dunhill Pottery majolica pottery glazed tiles, separated by rich green and brown tile pacers that date to the early 1900s.

This one of a kind item will look gorgeous in your home! My son has one installed by his front door, across from the barn door that enters the living room. His family put’s hats on it, but we’ve used them for tons of purposes: Hats, candles, dried flowers, and fruit.

These lovely tiles came from John’s antique and fireplace shop in Dublin, Ireland. He kept a few of the more prestigious tiles for his collection and made these lovely pieces from the rest. The hangars are sterling silver spoons attached to the wooden frame.

If you look on the back, you can see the soot staining. This characteristic confirms the 3 tiles were once inside of an old cast iron stove. In fact, the tiles themselves are colletor’s items as verified by the maker’s marks inscribed on the tiles.

A one of a kind item that will look gorgeous in any area of your home- A bit of England and Ireland for the house or a unique piece of art for your home.

Please contact for further information! We’re always happy to answer your questions or discuss custom pieces.

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