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Shower dilemma continues. The house remodeling project that never ends

Now for the continuing story of my house remodel project.  We started two years ago after deciding not to sell the place. It needed upgrading and we started with new paint, new carpet, kitchen remodel, mini bath redo, upgrading lighting, garden redos.  We have been working at it for over two years now and we thought we were just about done.  I was saving for a new frig and stove but that was it. Then the main bath shower started leaking.  See yesterdays’ post.

The remodel company “measure and set up” guy came today to take measurements and get my ideas on what I wanted and what was wrong with the shower seems the leak is hidden and they will have to dismantle the shower to find the leak.  I am using the local building supply company Hartville Hardware.  The biggest hardware store in they say.  It started out as a small local Amish  shop.  I first came to use it in the late 1970s after moving to if they have to dismantle I now might have well got a new shower. I wrote about it in a prior post when I was looking for a dishwasher.  If you get nothing else from this post, at least go to the Hartville Hardware website and look around.  the place is really something!

Hartville Hardware

 The old shower had a drop -down floor and was not set up as a regular shower,,, the prior user used a wheelchair and there was a ramp there.  So to accomplish finding the leak and fixing and setting up a regular shower we will need to have walls taken down, new shower, placed, new fixtures and new floor in the bathroom. HOLY MOLY!!


I get the price later in the week.  I did decide to go with the cultured marble surround, there is no grout to worry about.  I don’t like a tile floor in the bathroom so they will place a linotype floor over the top of the existing floor.  They are sending a designer out to help me pick out materials and then the big boom–the proce tag.


Cultured marble is defined as taking ground marble dust and mixing it with a polymer.  The stiff can be poured in swirls imitating marble, or plain, mimic tile ridges, or subway tiles.  The compound is put in a mold and that is your shower.  Corner shelves, benches, soap dishes, grab bars all can be added.

Now that has to happen I am a bit excited.  The old shower really was a bit of an eyesore and this will upgrade that bath completely, just like the kitchen.  Realtors tell me that a modest upgrade of a kitchen or a bath are the most rewarding upgrades one can do in a home.

I’ll tell you more when I find out what we are doing.  So fingers crossed. Oh, they did say it would be the end of the summer before they could start.  I will leave for Ireland then…so it looks like it will have to wait until I get back for Christmas.  Ha


Gold marble swirl


White marble- love it


I have oak cabinetry in the bath and a goldish brown granite countertop so I think the marble is probably out- pretty isn’t it?  But I put this in so you could see the bench seat.

Anyone having house dilemmas beside me…write me, I’d love to hear about your problems and we can commiserate…anyone have any ideas that worked for them????


Thanks for listening.  Talk soon



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