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Wow, it’s snowing in Dublin. We have escaped that down here in the sunny southeast of Ireland. It is cold though, 32 degrees but the sun is out and the sky a azure blue….lovely winter day.
Posted for sale a gorgeous Victorian Fireplace medallion John salvaged and framed. See it on our Irish Facebook page Periodpieces Design

John and I have been in the workshop today. Been painting a little side table for my sunroom. F&B blue- called Stiffkey Blue

These colors are very reactive to light and ca vary in the perceived color depending on the room and objects around, but I do so love this paint brand!
So far- only one coat, it is not as deep as I wished. I used this in the condo in Ohio and it was a much darker blue..will see how she goes.

Good news! We have sold a winerack here in Ireland. She is on her way to England. Local couple have moved to England to be nearer Family and they took her with them over on the ferry.

Have some neat scenery pix from our adventures to show you…will post soon. Anyone have some place in Ireland,where they would like a picture from? Who knows we may go there for a visit. I aim to do more Irish exploring this year.

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