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Something Lovely…Perhaps a new trend in 2018 decor I can live with. BUT NOT THE MAIN CONCEPT -WALLPAPER

Yesterday I was going thru my emails and came upon a post by a very creative person. You might well be familiar with the name Marian Parsons- the creator of Miss Mustard Seed.  I have been following her for about ten years now, and she has been one of the most influential persons in my blog and website life.  Ten years ago, John was making wood furniture and treadle machine tables, and I was doing milk paint like I had seen in Ireland and England via Anne Sloan. However, I did explore different paint concept besides milk paint.

Ironically, over the years, Marion evolved in the same way I have, but of course, I have not produced anything near the output, nor possessed the creative genius or the business acumen she has accomplished.  What I mean is, she went from painting furniture and giving tutorials to developing a home decor business to letting her inner artist develop as seen in her work in sketching and painting.  I say “ironically”  because I have also gone from painting furniture to pursuing a more art based endeavor, and resurrected  a hobby of mine since childhood.  Again, understand I am not comparing myself to Marion Parson, to do so would be like comparing a whatever to a WHATEVER. You get my drift here.

Anyway, that is not the point of this post.

I wanted to share Miss Mustard’s Seed’s latest accomplishment.  She has been going deep into painting over the past two years.  She recently moved to a new home and apparently decided to put her new skills to the test by hand-painting a wall mural.


Her post of July 1st unveiled her work.

Miss Mustard Seed


In her post, she attributes her inspiration to a mural artist named  Susan Harter.  It looks like the pastoral spring edition is the design Marion liked.


Susan Hunter.

As I looked into the concept of paper murals–EEK WALLPAPER; I am reminded of the painted walls found in old homes in Europe. I think that is why I loved the Miss Mustard Seed wall so much, much to my surprise.

Now to understand the surprise, you have to realize that I HATE WALLPAPER.  Having scrapped and steamed and scrapped two houses worth of wallpaper, and then put some on both houses and then scrapped it all off over again…..  I never want to entertain the idea of wallpaper in a home again.  For the past couple of years, I have watched an English TV show [ I think on More4} on home decor where this woman get a few thousand pounds to go in a change a home going on the market.  She always puts a bit of wallpaper in at least one room.  I sit there and cringe!

But my dislike is another’s joy.  The news is that wallpaper is back in.  I went to websites to see if this was true and saw the new wall covering concept.  They do not use the term wallpaper as much as wall covering- a “new “decor idea, they would have you believe.  smile

First I found the fabulous idea of temporary wallpaper. Now, this idea I like.  Checkout limitless walls.  Take your favorite photo, and they will make it wallpaper that can is removable. On their website, they show custom self-adhesive removable papers for all rooms. Living. bath, bedroom and all themes beach, art, architecture  see here

Google wallpaper.  You will find Houze, Wayfair, Anthropologie, Home Depot,  Pottery Barn and tons of sites selling wallpaper.  But if you click on the images link, you will see most of the wallpaper are murals of scenes.  Not the florals and stripes are nowhere near those of my wallpaper era- of the 70s & 80’s.

Seen on IGTV




Seen on Anthropologie

So now I can understand this new idea and while a lot of the murals are very dramatic and photo like in appearance.  I found the soft gently murals I like are also now available.  Self-painted bespoke pieces like at Miss Mustard Seed and even the artist design sell product as seen in Susan Harter’s designs.  Both are lovely and can be easily removed if desired.  I so love the minimalists and soft colors of the Miss Mustard Seed. Wall.  I could live with it 🙂

Is anyone out there thinking of wallpaper?  Write and let us know what you think.


Talk soon


Stay cool!

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