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I usually spend the winters in Ireland to avoid the snows of Ohio.  Mind,  I was born and raised in upstate NY- Albany, so you would think the snow of Ohio wouldn’t bother me BUT as I have gotten older, shoveling, slip sliding away on the roads have become an extremely unpleasant experience and so I avoid as best I can.

February first is the start of Spring on Ireland..but you wouldn’t know that this year.  Yesterday was my birthday and so John and I spent the entire day driving around south Wexford looking at the coastline and houses for sale.  There are no plans to move but every year we start to dream about buying an old stone or period home and doing it up.  House prices have soared over here, especially near the larger cities, and our original plans to buy a house near Dublin has been banjaxed, that’s Irish slang for kaput!

Every spring for the past 10years, John and I have gone looking at old houses.  The old house we looked at- seen at the top is really a complex of buildings, once part of a stud farm- horse ranch.  The hunt- riding to the hounds, etc is still popular with some in Ireland.  Thoughts of living in one of the stone building,  renting out or having his daughter live in another, and setting up an artist or craft center in the other buildings, renting the fields for sillage production….all dance like sugar plums in our heads……







You can see the main house on the right with a hint of the stone houses to the left.  The outside picture is of the two stone buildings- cottages themselves.  There are 8 acres associated with this property and a sillage barn with two large fields.  But it also has another stone building which could be used as an art and craft center.








But, for me,  the best part was the ocean.    I have always wanted to live by the sea but the sea here is another story.  The Atlantic west side is soo rough most of the time,  you can hardly stand up for the wind.  But the east side of the |Irish Seas is much calmer and very pretty.  The homes on the east side in north Wicklow and Dublin cost a king’s ransom and for some reason, there is little development on the seashore elsewhere.

We actually were in the town of Bannow and Bannow bay areas about half hour drive south west of Oilgate and Wexford .  Near the town of Wellington Bridge…where our favorite antique dealer lives.

The far west side of Bannow had an old church and graveyard.  I am one of those who loves to visit old gravyards and look at the headstones…part of my genealogy research background.  Here the wnds were so hard, I could hardly get the car door open and the seas were wild!

There were stones in that graveyard from the 1600 and 1700 hundreds.    Here are the old church ruins


The property we looked at was about 10 minutes away from the old church but the property led down to Barrow bay and there was a fantastic sheltered beach there…and the waters much calmer.  I’d say it would be gorgeous in the summer.

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