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Taking Orders for Curio Boxes

What is a curio??   When I searched the word I found curio as cabinets as seen on the main image here from Howard Miller. Howards tells you to showcase your treasures and family mementos in one of his wood cabinets. But did you know? A curio is also a bird. The chestnut-bellied seed finch (Oryzoborus angolensis) is a species of bird in the family Thraupidae but was until recently placed in Emberizidae. It is found widely in shrubby and grassy areas in tropical and subtropical South America. Commonly known as “Curió” in most of the continent, especially in Brazil.

But there are also curio boxes. John makes curio boxes.

John remains in Ireland.  He had some business interests he needs to be local to complete.  Hopefully, we can expect him back on Ohio within the next couple months to spend the summer here.  To keep himself amused in Ireland he has been making a few things.  I would like to offer you an opportunity to look at some of his work and see if you would be interested in special ordering one of these items for him to make in Ohio just for you!

In Ireland, we use a service similar to Craigs List here in the USA.  Ours is called Done Deal.  You can see some John’s work we placed on Done Deal here.


Above is a picture of two curio boxes John made from his store of old woods and vintage handles

This first item is made from an old broken walnut table.  He basically sanded down the old finishes to bare wood and made an open box.  He then handcrafted wot drawers and placed a decoratively molded piece on the top and put little felt legs on the bottom.  He placed two vintage brass handles on the drawers.  It is  lovely little storage box.



The next box is made from old mahogany. and again he made the box and drawers the same way.  Once the box is made, he then applies stain and polyurethane to get a rich protective finish.  Ths box is more modern in appearance. No decorative top ( that the finals of another item behind it).  He also used a crystal knob on these drawers.


Love the crystal knob against the darker woods.  We can get different colored crystal knobs, we also can put on ceramic knobs.  I saw some at World Market.  Both of these boxes measure 10 in tall by 13 in wide by 6.5 in deep.  But we can make any size you specify!!

He has made two curio boxes from a few antique bedroom ladies dressing tables.  These tables were either damaged or were no longer valued as a ladies table.  But he found a lovely one recently he is currently refinishing for the big house- a beautiful thing.  The curio boxes from the dressing table all have some wood detailing that you no longer find today- I have put a couple examples below

This one measure about 10 inches tall by 10 wide and seven deep.

Again great talking with you.  Feel free to ask any questions about special orders in the comment box

talk soon



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